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  1. Saw Kong skull island on netflix. Was not bad and it was faster paced then godzilla 2014 and had day time action instead of being at night. Still do not care much about kong as it did not make me like him much. Agreed with Jacksons character about wanting to avenge his men more then about the ape. I will be seeing GVSK when it shows and still think the lizard should not have that many problems dealing with the ape even if they are the same size.
  2. Saw X Men Dark Phoenix and thought it was average but did not think it was as bad as it was made out to be. Glad that i kept away from spoilers or even reviews as i would have liked it less if i knew too much about it. So not great but still glad that i went to see it.
  3. I like all the classic 80;s movies like Terminator 1 and 2, Robocop 1, Alien and Aliens but not 3 so much. Rocky and mad max films also. Pretty much all the 80,s stuff many fans love. John carpenter films and horror flicks like the Evil dead trilogy plus many martial arts movies i still like. The Ray Harryhausen stuff i respect more then men in suits as the early godzilla films look really bad but i know it was an easy option to do then stop motion as that is so time consuming. Don,t get me wrong as i have been watching all the marvel films since Iron man 1 and did like Endgame but now i just want a break from the genre. I like a lot think Hollywood just have no good ideas or imagination and am jaded with all the remakes and sequels they churn out that are usually not very good. The reason i am interested in the MV is because of the lizard itself as they are building up the lore and history of a monster that was worshiped as a god and has been around for over two hundred and fifty million years and that it could wipe out the human race but has had some sort of relationship with people in the past. That i would want to learn more of.
  4. Really like the series and am sad to see it go,. Still have the last 8 eps at least.
  5. Crusader 0 2 posts Report post Posted 20 hours ago (edited) Godzilla: King of the Monsters Not a fan of the old men in suits rubbish but have been interested in Legendary's take on godzilla. Only saw the first film a few weeks ago on tv. Saw KOTM in IMAX at the BFI and was not that impressed. Really did not like the film that much as have seen all the clips and was expecting more action so i ruined the film for myself. I was hoping for decent length fights without it cutting away to humans but no it happened a lot. The CG for the monsters is great though and i dig the designs of the main four even thoug hi am no fan of the old movies. I still want the film to do well and will see Godzilla VS Kong no doubt. I liked endgame better but am tired of superheros and would not mind seeing more monster verse films.
  6. I thought season 2 was an improvement and liked the Bushmaster character. Shame that LK and IF have been cancelled. DD season three was what i hoped it would be so lets hope that gets more seasons.
  7. I saw the live action Bleach movie on netflix and liked it. My first thoughts when the first teaser came out was that it was going to be bad but as many have thought since seeing it was that it turned out decent though not perfect. I hope that they do more. Also on netlix i saw the ultra violent The night comes for us. It stars three from the Raid movies and is full of gore and violence. I really liked it as the fights are a big part of the movie.
  8. Latest seasons of : Jessica Jones Agents of Shield The walking Dead Ash VS Evil Dead X Files Electrick Dreams Finished with: Star Trek Discovery Altered Carbon Orville The Punisher Rewatching Spartacus repeats Bleach but only in parts Will watch Both Hellsing animes soon Other stuff on tv i watch but not into as much: Big Bang and Young Sheldon The DC TV Stuff but not keen on them as much as the Marvel stuff Macgyver Leathal weopon Thats it for now.
  9. Its too much that the lame american film industry has to bring every super hero or villain that is well known to the screen but with different companies having the rights to different characters that means they can't have them mix. Anyway i saw Black Panther and thought it was about as good as Thor Ragnorok. Have started Jessica Jones series 2 but only 3 eps into it. May go to see Venom but do not expect too much out of it. Also watching Agents of shield series 5 but only a few eps in again.
  10. I saw The Last Jedi yesterday and can understand why people are split over it. I did not leave the cinema feeling pleased over certain plot elements. Carrie Fisher was good in it and knowing that it was her last film is good and bad. At least she had a return to the franchise that so many loved her in but that it is it will make many of the older fans feel sour as did i. The movie had its moments and at least it was not an almost copy of another SW movie is correct. It felt like it had elements from Empire and Return mostly. It did drag a bit at points but i was not bored. I did not care for any of the new creatures and i really dislike the Porg or whatever the stupid lame things are called. Was glad that it was not in it as much as i feared. Older SW films always had interesting creature designs. Still i am not as attached to the new characters as the originals and do not care for them that much and the New Order comes across as almost pantomime villain cheesy at times. It feels to me like fan fiction in expensive movie form. Maybe seeing it again will make me like it more. That's it for my opinion without spoiling the movie.
  11. Saw Justice League and did not have much expectations. It was not as bad as some are saying and i would agree that it is not as good as wonder woman but is an improvement over BVS. I found the interactions between the team more interesting then the villain who was dull and just a big brute and that i never heard of the character did not help. Still they are trying to improve the direction of the DCCU but are still way behind marvel who have been doing it for about 17 years now. Also saw American Ninja 1 and 2 on TV. I used to like them and was expecting them to be really bad now but i still enjoyed them with all their 80's charm. The 3rd stars David Bradly while part 4 has him and Michael Dudikof. The fifth was not intended to be part of the series but still used the name but still has Bradly in it as a different character.
  12. Am on Stranger Things season 2. Only on Ep 6 but am liking it. I really do like the 80's setting and feel. Also have seen Star Trek Discovery up to Ep 6 and think that it is not bad but takes a while to get used to the new look and characters. It looks more like the new movies then any of the old tv versions. Will look forward to seeing were it goes.
  13. Thor: Ragnarok Easily the best of the three Thor movies. Felt like guardians of the galaxy more then the other Thor films. Had some funny moments between characters. It was also colourful and had some impressive environments. Jeff Goldblum was amusing as the Grandmaster and the villain Hela was real bad news and gets stuff done. By the end of the movie things have changed and will effect the MCU from now on. Will want to see were it all goes next when the next Avengers movie rolls on. So i was not disappointed at all and recommend it to Marvel movie fans.
  14. Saw the first EP of The Gifted that is an X men spin off. It seemed promising so i will continue with it. Also Electric Dreams that is a 10 part series that adapts a different Philip K Dick story each week. Overall i like it.
  15. Blade Runner 2049 It did not beat the original but it still had a lot going for it. The world is expanded and you get to see a lot more of it and it looks impressive. The music was good but again it was not as good as the first films soundtrack. They did not try to copy it but do something new that would fit in with the dystopian world that i would love to explore more. I had no problems with all the new characters and liked the performances. The story was good but still leaves more questions and i heard that they may do four more films if it does well as it is left open for more. Not everybody will like it though as even though it has action it is not all the way through with buildup and some will say it is slow moving but the original was like that. I just love the dark bleak atmosphere that the blade runner world is. Maybe the newer generation will not get what the film is about just like how the original was not well received but for all the older fans who grew up with it then this is a long overdue sequel done with care.
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