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  1. You know that is the thread i was going to post under, but it's like 20 pages long.  Thanks for the msg.  Saves me a lot of waiting.

    1. ThePJzer


      Oh dude, I have no problem where you post anything. I was just trying to help out, and at the same time inquire as to whether you had something new that I didn't have yet. ^_^

  2. I'm having fun with this now in my head Dude runs out his front door screaming "It's a fucking avalanche! Run for your lives!" (There's a tumbleweed slowing rolling across his front yard)
  3. This right here cracked me the fuck up dude. So, anything louder than the noise floor of your average quiet living room is an issue eh? Sensitive ears that one has. "Is that a fucking tornado!? Oh, It's just me breathing."
  4. You're most welcome dude, and well said. I showed up here just a little bit before you did, and actually remember when that Avatar Reddit Remaster thread went up. Would have been a shame if the Kametsu door got slammed in your face just because you came here from Reddit. You've been nothing short of a fantastic member and contributor to the community ever since you joined Kametsu. Regardless of the situation, when bad things happen it's worth throwing all ideas out on the table in an attempt to find a resolution, including yours. I actually gave some serious thought to what you said, and the conclusion I personally came to is that those actions would probably cause much more harm than good in the long run. However, my personal conclusion doesn't invalidate your suggestion. You were obviously frustrated with the situation like everyone else and just trying to help. Nothing wrong with trying to protect a community you care about. So, good on you dude.
  5. That's good to know, thanks for the info dude. I don't know man, I don't think that'd be a good idea. The result of doing that could be similar to throwing gasoline on a timid fire. Just because they heard about Kametsu from reddit doesn't necessarily mean they are here to cause problems, for all we know they would follow the rules and be a great community member. If we start making people guilty by association it might cause an even bigger issue to be born from those actions. They could end up coming back and bringing their friends to seek vengence. We might be better off "killing them with kindness" so to speak to keep them here so they can see the benefits of this forum vs using reddit.
  6. That thread is ridiculous. Near the end you've got people going "Did anyone manage to grab (Insert Show Name) before it went down, and would be willing to reup it? And this only about an hour after the thread was created. There shouldn't even be a need to re-up anything so soon! I've downloaded from 3-4 year old Mega links here that were still live. It's not rocket science people! Do 1. Join Kametsu 2. Follow site rules and engage with community in a friendly manner 3. Enjoy grabbing your favorite shows and thank the up-loader 4. If you're going to share outside of Kametsu, then be nice enough to upload/import and create your own links Don't 1. Post hundreds of someone else's links in a public space and say "Get them quick before their taken down!" All these people had to do was join Kametsu and keep their damn mouths shut. The experience here is so fantastic, who wants to ctrl-f through reddit and 4chan anyways? I've been spoiled by this place, and am eternally grateful for it. I dread the thought of Kametsu disappearing.
  7. @pavanpd G_P's Berserk is on XDCC bots Xide and FakeEtzimal https://xdcc.kametsu.com/?search=(G_P)_Berserk
  8. No point in dwelling on the past buddy, it's out of control now. We have to learn from our mistakes and move forward, with eyes on the future, because it's ours to mold. I'll never forget something my Grandmother told me when I was a teenager. She said "Worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives us something to do, but gets us nowhere".
  9. Well @DabDeity710, taking so many bricks to the face might have something to do with it.
  10. Oh yea, of course. I've come to accept the fact that those days are gone, so I don't dwell on it too much. It's my kids turn to live that life now, and my turn to play the role of a loving provider, just as my parents did for me. I actually kinda miss the ages of 18-30 more than childhood. All I had to worry about after work was entertaining myself, and I had plenty of disposable income after bills to spend on whatever floated my boat at the time. Ha! You actually got me thinking about the 2 story studio apartment I lived in for a couple years in my early 20's. That place was fucking sweet, haven't thought about it in years.
  11. I hope the fact that I haven't gotten back to you about the video editing you've done hasn't contributed to this. I haven't forgotten about it, I just haven't had much time at my computer these last few days. Work, kids, and other responsibilities tend to eat away all my free time some days. A lot of my activity and posting here is actually done via mobile when I get a free minute here or there. Like right now, I'm on my lunch break at work. I can understand how not receiving a response could get frustrating. It's possible they're not ignoring you, but that the PM got lost in the sea of PMs they received recently.
  12. Make the new account and then import everything over from the old one.
  13. Just strip down to your birthday suite, head out the front door, and take a walk around the block. That'll get you some exposure.
  14. Eh, no worries. As long as you catch the first 5 minutes of S01E13 Apprentice Part 2 and S02E13 Aftershock Part 2. IMO the new GP copies S01-S02 are equal in quality to iTunes S03-S05. It's just a matter of rounding up sources for the missing opening scenes, and using the best available. We don't really need TV captures for all of S01-S02. However, the more the merrier, since everyone has differing opinions and personal preferences. So capturing the latest airings is not a bad thing by any means.