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  1. Not exactly an introduction, just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year.
  2. This holiday season has been outstanding, with a sizeable pool of amazing anime series to choose from. It's frankly a little hard to decide as there are more than a couple of entries I found very refreshing and enjoyed immensely. But if I had to pick one favourite, I would without a second thought, go for Bloom into You. Grounded and likeable characters, a low key yet captivating romance story and very neat presentation - as a long time fan of the manga, nothing else that came out this season (heck, the entire 2018) beats it in my eyes. If anyone here has yet to watch it, I highly recommend checking it out. The series is sort of a slow burn though and the first chapter/episode can feel a bit weird, so please try not to lose interest too soon.
  3. I could say I am on a break right now. Had to roam a lot lately and while it's been a nice departure from boring all-day desk job, I haven't got to watch a single ep or even a movie for more than a month. But with every hobby, I tend to check back every now and then. Makes catching up a lot less painful.
  4. Logan is the only movie I watched this month. Not much free time to watch anything these days.
  5. Youjo Senki. The premise is a bit silly, but the MC was surprisingly likeable (he's a stern pragmatist). This will be another entry on my list of 'unforgettable anime'.
  6. Extremely disappointed that this season is going to have just 12 eps. Might as well start reading the manga. Read about Wit Studio having to cut corners due to staff shortage. I'm worried this will become a trend.
  7. For the most part, I've liked what I studied up until now. But there are a handful of subjects I don't remember fondly. During last two years in school, liked everything else except science: loved the subject, but loathed that arswhole of a teacher. Hate for the teacher overpowered my love of science eventually & I ended up disliking science classes in general High School: Enjoyed everything. No room for complaints here. College: Had a few redundant subjects from Civil & Mechanical Engineering courses that I neglected to my own detriment. Applied mechanics in particular really tainted my record in 2nd sem. Had to appear in supplementary exams twice!!
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn. Will try and complete it before Mass Effect: Andromeda drops.
  9. I very much agree :). That's why I said "not so near future" so that I can think this over & likely change my mind if I don't see a need for it by then. Since cross platform multiplayer still isn't available in many titles, participating in competitive multiplayer with my friends on Xbox is about the only reason why I want to buy an Xbox 1. But lately, I've been busy & without enough time for gaming I may as well go with your advice and forget about getting an Xbox 1.
  10. I prefer PC because of its huge backlog of legacy titles and I'm usually more comfortable with keyboard & mouse. But consoles have some compelling exclusives. I already have a PS4, maybe I'll get an X1 too in not so near future.
  11. Good thing Season 2 is almost at the door. It's taken me a lot of willpower to avoid reading further into the story after S1.
  12. Sleeping sounds like a no-brainer but for my own good, I'll take working. Now, this may seem a bit unfair, but I've always wanted to ask - Manga or anime?
  13. It's been quite a while since any chapter of Tower of God built up so much hype. I'm super excited!! ...and let's hope the next one doesn't end in one big cliffhanger.
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