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Riku invited me here so I thought i'd have a snoop around. looks nice and I'll stay unless you guys are boring, so don't be boring! I kid, I kid XD

Anyway my real name is Martin, i'm 18 and im from Scotland. I'm a very calm and yet excitable person, never depressed and rarely down, everyones friend until they abuse it.

I dabble in GFX though i'd rate myself intermediate. I'm a big fan of Shikamaru from Naruto. I love anime. Among my faves are Bleach, Naruto, Air Gear, BECK and Trigun

I love my music and I love all sorts of music. I judge by the individual track not the genre.

I roleplay too, not the best rper but not the worst either.

anyway im sure you can all see that I am THE SEX! I kid, I kid. anyway thats me so who are all of you guys?

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Ooh.. the sex is here. =P You like to roleplay? Awesome we need more of you. *Steals your cookies* No cookies for you. Hehe.. Beware of the invisible magnet that keeps you from leaving us.

All sorts of music you say? Well so do I. Hehe. Nice to have a fellow Bleach and Naruto lover. Shikimaru is PWNed by Pervy Sage *joking*.

So erm, what is your favorite band, or well the song you listen to most lately? Oh and yeah, welcome to the forum, my name is Koby. Watch out for those purple flying crack monkeys, they bite.

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lol thanks for the welcome. though I reckon i can pass your barriers.

*takes a run at the barrier* Dynamic Entry! *flying kicks the barrier and breaks his knee caps*

owww! that hurts!

yeah but my most listeneed to song is probly misery business by paramore at the moment. i've been listening to Typhoon24 too.

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Oh boy. *Covers ears* I'm in Kingdom Hearts, I'm in Kingdom Hearts, I'm in Kingdom Hearts! Lol, hi person, I'm Vivi. I USED to like Naruto, but as you can tell (From what I said and what's in my avy and sig) I love Kingdom Hearts. Shika-san is okay, but over all I preferred Sasori-kun. Do you like Kingdom Hearts or do I have to beat you with Saix's claymore? Lol, kidding.

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