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  1. Drazhar

    critique please, its be important

    WAUW! great work dude! That's really good looking... but if I HAVE to say something, it's the following: may the green (text/border) a bit more yellow brownish, since it's an autumn themed pic, and green isn't quite autumn. And the back side is a bit dark and monotone if I say it myself, so you could add a light blob (like on the front of the CD cover) or whatever you call those things, but make it a bit darker. And if you do, I would place it in the lower left corner. well that's about it... maybe something like move that japanese sign down, and place her name above it so change the order to: name, japanese sign, name of cd... or something, but I dunno, you decide. Wow dude, even now I would already buy the cd XD, great job! Keep on going!
  2. Drazhar

    UK - PS3 Sales Rise

    ouch... bet you hit a nerve there... I wouldn't call them kids games... I prefer words as: unserious or pure fun.... because some cartoony figures beating the living crap out of eachothers is fun, and unserious, tough not really kiddy... Shooting the living crap out of creepy aliens, isn't really what I would descripe as 'fun' and is pretty serious. And yeah, I know you'll bring up the: wii is getting a residence evil point. But say it honestly, aren't most of the wii's games the 'happy and colorful' kind? The ps3 (and 360 for that part) is more serious. Not that I have anything against what SasukeX would discribe as 'kiddy' I personaly can't wait untill LittleBigPlanet comes out. (dunno what I'm talking about? try gametrailers). Well before I continue on the ps3 vs. 360 topic, I'll allow you to write your 'wii is not kiddii!' post.
  3. Drazhar

    UK - PS3 Sales Rise

    ok... fps you want? resistance: fall of man the darkness F.E.A.R Call of duty 3 timeshift (out on november 19) call of duty 4 (out in 3 days) Haze (out in december) army of two (out in march) the orange box (out in december) soldier of fortune (out on november 13) frontline: fuel of war (out in february) blacksite: area 51 (out on december 10) dark sector (out in january) so right now there are 4, but befor you can play trough all of those, 6 others will be released. And note, I only wrote down the ones who are between Q4 2007 and Q1 2008. And all these have been anounced to release in that month, or on that day, so no games which have as release date: Q1 ---------------------------------------------------------- As for RPGs, it's a fact new consoles won't have much (japanese) RPGs in the beginning. But here's a small list: The Elder scrolls IV: oblivion Marvel: ultimate alliance (action role-playing) enchanted arms untold legends: dark kingdom Folklore But honestly dude, are RPGs and FPSs all that you play? But, as you see, the ps3 is worth it's money.
  4. Drazhar

    UK - PS3 Sales Rise

    Hmm you keep on saying wii, and I cannot and will not deny that the wii is the best selling device right now. (that includes the 360) The 360 may have sold 12 mil consoles, and the ps3 only 6 mil, but the 360 has been around for twice as long aswell... And you say I pay high prices? 500 bucks for the 40GB version? dude, it's 400. The 60GB version is 500, but you get two free games, and an extra controler. Which, if you count it all together, is much cheaper. As SasukeX showed, the blu-ray is indeed winning, as a matter of fact, the blu-ray has been winning ever since dec. 2006... I wonder why since then.. hmm But back to the wii topic. Wii can't be called next generation, I can't recall where, but I remember reading that nintendo would rather call the wii new generation... But honestly dude, you keep saying that the wii is 'better' then the ps3, but it's also 'better' than the 360, so yeah, wii wins, congratulation. But that isn't what this is about, it's not even about ps3 vs. 360, atleast not for me. What this is about is that you say the ps3 sucks, and isn't worth your money. Because if that is really what you think, you're quite stupid. I won't say that the 360 isn't worth your money, I've played it a few times, it was ok, but I prefer the ps3. However, I will defend the ps3 from useless, completely stupid things like: it's a waste, it sucks.
  5. Drazhar

    UK - PS3 Sales Rise

    Well first of all, that nextgenwars site is pretty weird, they report that 'sony has sold over 6 milion ps3's' yet still the count is just above 5 mil... after that I'd like to say that sony has the greatest line-up of games in Q4 ever. (haze, uncharted drake's fortune, folklore, assassin's creed, skate, eye of judgement. Some have already been released, and some aren't exclusive.) Third I'd like to say that you can't say that one console is better than the other. Microsoft said they wanted to make their 360 a racing console, and personaly don't like racing games all that much... fourth I'd like to say that the blu-ray format is gobaly winning from the HD-DVD, don't argue, don't judge, face the facts. on my fifth point I would like to point out that sony announched 380 new games would come out between Q4 2007 and Q4 2008, of wich 200 would be blu-ray disk games, and 180 would be PSN games. you might argue that they can't say that 380 games are being made if 180 of them are PSN games, but honestly have you ever played 200 games in a year? Or on a console? or in your life? ofcourse a great deal of these games won't become legendary, but hey, how many true pearls does the 360 have? It just shows that the ps3 is being well supported. Sixth, I know that this has been said before, but 1 out of 3 360's break down, while only 1% of the ps3's break down (with normal machines this is between 4-6%) so that shows that the ps3 is fine quality, I don't want to pay 500 bucks to a console and 2 weeks later have to wait a while for them to repair the thing. Seventh, there is always the network discussion, I personly think it's great that the PSN is free. Eight, I'm not too fancy about the 40GB version myself, however, if you think about the younger gamers who don't have a ps2, and thus don't need the backward compatibility, it's a great thing... and if you say that 400 bucks is too much for a young gamer, I bought my ps2 for about the same money. ninth, fairly quick after the xbox was released the 360 came, while the ps2 came first, and stayed longer. And eventough the ps3 is here, the ps2 is still being supported, which I think is a great thing. the xbox is dead right now, so anyone who had a xbox, is almost forced to buy a 360, no f**king wonder the 360 sells more, if you want to keep on gaming, buy a 360. If all those ps2 gamers would be forced to make the same decision, stop gaming or buy a ps3, I don't think sony would be able to supply (not because they don't supply enough, but because the amount of gamers would spike enormously). tenth, well I best shut up now, but I just want to say a small thing about the wii. I honestly don't see the wii holding out 5 years, by then every movement will be copied, imitated and it wouldn't be new anymore... But we'll see...
  6. Drazhar

    Recent Downtime...

    Honestly, you get such worst service... people not notifing you, people not responding to your emails/letters... Really, if I were you, I'd ask my money back... they can NOT treat their customers like that... Write a letter, better yet, make a call... keep writing them, keep calling them... Just a tought tough
  7. Drazhar

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Hmm 21 grams... great movie, tough I prefer Amores perros and Babel (they are quite alike, and made by the same dude) Tough I can't remember too much of amores perros anymore... Last movie I watched in the cinema was Babel, great movie. You should all see it if it's on tv or something like that...
  8. Drazhar

    Favorite Genre Next to RPG?

    Hmm, well apart from RPGs I mostly play with a friend of mine... and we mostly play shooters so I guess those. Tough I have been known to play a few action adventures. Still I'll go with shooters, timesplitters rocks!
  9. Drazhar

    Worst Game You've Played

    hmm constantine for ps2 great battles of rome for psp (this didn't suck that bad, but my brother got me all exited about how great he tought this game would be) bomberman for psp and I had to restart FF X-2 before I could finaly finish it, not because it was hard, but I stopped because it bugged me.
  10. Drazhar

    Blue or Purple?

    I'd say neither... they look like basic skins... Like the one you get before you buy anything... But if any, I'd say purple
  11. Drazhar

    Light or Dark Skin?

    Hmm hard choice... They're both quite ok. Tough I think i'd have to go with the darker one... But on an other note: I could help you with your own skin... I can do some HTML, I get it tought at school... So if you need help, pm me.
  12. Drazhar

    State a fact

    Is going to overthrow Riku when he least expects it
  13. Drazhar

    PS3 anyone?

    Need for speed? NFS has been going worse eversince hot persuit... if you want good ps3 games... Motorstorm Resistance: fall of men Oblivion (not an exclusive, but still very good) The darkness (no exclusive) singstar (not a game for me, but still very loved with the fans) And those are the games already out And a bunch of race and soccer games... you should ask billup bout that... still to come: Assassin's creed The club devil may cry The eye of jugement (exclusive) Final fantasy XIII (exclusive) Final fantasy versus XIII (exclusive) Folklore (exclusive) God of war III (exclusive) GTA IV Guitar hero III Haze Fracture Heavenly sword (exclusive) Heavy rain (exclusive) Stranglehold Killzone 2 (exclusive) L.A. Noir (exclusive) Lair (exclusive) The last remnent Littlebigplanet (exclusive) << this game is going to rock! Mafia II Mercenaries 2 Metal gear online (exclusive) Metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots (exclusive) Monster hunter 3 (exclusive) Motorstorm 2 (exclusive) Resident evil 5 Saints row 2 Shin megami tensei Starwars the force unleashed Stuntman Ignition Timeshift Timesplitters 4 (exclusive) Endwar Uncharted: Drake's fortune (exclusive) And those are just a few games I picked out of a list, which sound interesting to me... There are a whole bunch of sport/WWII (that's world war 2) games which don't interest me, but might indeed be very good.
  14. Drazhar

    Count to 100,000

    O.o he's dead sexy? and he looks more like he has his mouth open... oh and for the record: 965
  15. Drazhar

    Yes, you guessed it!

    WELCOME BACK! I'm happy to see you again! Well I hope you stay this time around...