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  1. Yup. Time would stop there XD
  2. Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts 2 Shin Megami Tensei - Digital Devil Saga - Avatar Tuner Final Fnatasy X .Hack//INFECTION Wild Arms IV Wild Arms - Alter Code F (I can't remember if it's original or illegal....either way I own it XD) These are the only three games I've ever bothered to buy. These are my copied games. I had more, but they were the ones I didn't play, so I gave them away. Kingdom Hearts - Final Mix + Narutimate Heroes Narutimate Heroes 2 Narutimate Heroes 3 Naruto Shippuden - Narutimate Heroes Accel Uzumaki Naruto Chronicles (or whatever it's called, it's crap) Battle D.O.N. Shin Megami Tensei - Lucifer's Call Shin Megami Tensei - Digital Devil Saga - Persona 3 Shin Megami Tensei - PERSONA 3 (the jap version that I got first) Suikoden V Final Fantasy XII (probably gonna give it away) Inuyasha Feudal Combat Bleach - Blade Battlers Captain Tsubasa (that's all it says on the CD XD, it's a fun game) King Of Fighters (something) Guilty Gear X-2 (surprised it works) GTA San Andreas GTA Liberty City Stories (I preffer SA, so I'm giving it away) .Hack//GU (first and second) .Hack//MUTATION (the other two .Hack, I forgot their names. I stopped playing at MUTATION) Final Fantasy VII - Dirge of Cerberus Wild Arms V That's it. Pretty few ones, nowadays.
  3. Something happened to me last week, and I wanna share it with y'all, because yes, I am proud of what I'm about to tell you all, even if it IS sort of cheesy and faggy. My best friend's cousin, my platonic lover, came to my hometown for vacation for two weeks. I know her about the same time I know my best friend, that'd be around 6 years, give or take. It happened last year. She wanted to go out with me, only, that night. Since I'm not veyr fond of trance/disco music, bars were kind of a bad choice, but what else could I do? I invited some of my friend regardless and one of them took us all to a nice bar with...well, some listenable music, I guess. The dude took a huge book to our table. We opened it up. It was a list of music for the night's Karaoke session. Now, unlike the stereotype of Karaoke nights being filled with drunkards singing it off, most people there were young, and they were all pretty sober, or so it seemed. The session started, and one by one, they went to sing. Some go cheered on, some got a bit ignored, some didn't care. The girl in question told me that she was gonna make me go out there and sing with her. I refused, obviously, but after a very convincing argument, I accepted. She chose the music. Our name was called out, but as the man says the name of the music we were gonna sing, I entered Panic Mode. It was Breaking Free from the very faggy movie High School Musical. So we got up there. Me and her used to sing it along for fun when we were together, the two weeks before. So many times that I memorised the lyric. As I started, people were still ignoring. I expected such a reaction, and started to get nervous. Then she started singing. Her singing called out everyone's attention. Sudenly, the bar went silent, they all stopped drinking and looked at us both. We started singing as the music goes, seen as itself is a duet. People actually shut the f*ck up and listened to it. After a while, people started clapping along to the tune. Me and her just kept singing. The nervousism dissapeared, I completely forgot the whole frickin bar was starin at us, felt like it was just me, the girl, and the music we were singing. As it ended, all we could really do was look at eachother. I know it sounds gay (but like I give a fuck), but I think that was what people reffer to as "magical". When we stepped out of the page, people were still silent, then out of the blue, started clapping and cheering for us like we were the Elvis fucking Presley. Basically, those were the best 3 and a half minutes of my life. I doubt I'll ever forget that. Even so, I still think it's a bit cheesy that in those 3 and a half minutes, my life turned into frickin High School Musical. So even though I don't like the type of song, or the movie itself, it kinda feels special now. Have you ever had one of those moments like this one? Share'em. C'mon, you know you wanna. I'll give you cookies!
  4. So widescreen users get f*cked. Well, t'is your decision. If I had to vote between both the skins, the darker one's...well, it's at least a bit better than the other one.
  5. The Light skin's pretty plain and ugly. The dark skin looks cool. Does it come with a + sized version of it for widescreens?
  6. Riku-kun


    Final Fantasy XIII is most probably going to be very loved, and then very hated, just like Final Fantasy XII and just like any other FF to come. The only thing they care about these days is providing stunning graphics with nothing to back it up. Slap on a complicated story, so that no one even bothers to follow, the player simply thinks towards his own self that the story is too complicated to follow so pretty much ignores it, saying around out loud to other FFXII players that "the story was amazing" just so they'd be considered a "smart player", when no one actually could even discribe what the HELL went on, on that game. (in order for the details to not be discovered, and the gamer concentrating on the graphics and gameplay at hand, it's a brilliant strategy). Metal Gear Solid 4 isn't even out yet and it's already loved. In my own opinion, Metal Gear is one of the most brilliant games ever made. A game for people with brains. A game NOT for people who play stuff like Devil May Cry, in which you pass the entire game by pressing at max three combinations of buttons. A game ESPECIALLY not for people who play Shoot'em Ups like Halo. Every Metal Gear players...aherm, let correct that, every GOOD Metal Gear player, knows that without the brains, there's no way you'll get through the game nicely enough to enjoy it. But you know what they're gonna say? I'll bet you they'll say "the series have been taken way too far" simply because of Old Snake and the over-exhagerated Raiden's skills. Alas, the sentence maintains itself. "The only reason why you hate RPGs is because you SUCK AT THEM" (RPGs being a metaphor for all the games that deserve to be re-rated by decent critics)
  7. Pretty good'z. I like the one with Sora sitting on the throne. Mind if I take it?
  8. Riku-kun


    I wonder why...I tried the game myself and it didn't seem half bad. There are much worse games out there that were rated better than it.
  9. Riku-kun


    Reviewers and Critics are two different things. What you've read was probably the work of Reviewers, who are Game Critic wanabes, I would say. Critics are MEANT to point out the faults in the games, that's why they're called Critics. Reviewers are just gay and suck at most games, so they just say the game is horrible and no one should buy it. I read something about that on a sig once. The sentence was: "The only reason why you hate RPGs is because YOU SUCK AT THEM." And that's pretty much it.
  10. Yeah dude. That's what Koby said. EDIT: No, he really said Simple Plan XD Wow, now I feel like an idiot. My fav by Simple Plan is I'd Do Anything.
  11. Here is a picture of me and the most important living being in my life. She will be missed.
  12. So you saw your parents get murdered with your eyes? Wow. Sounds grooveh. Nah just kiddin' dude. Point was to try to get a song that fits entirely. Not just like a part of it. Nice one anyway dude. Just name one. I only own Does This Look Infected and Chuck.
  13. Well, it's actually working fine for me now. Maybe it was just temporary?
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