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  1. Banned for posting before me. Feel ashamed!! (Not)
  2. Nope. :3 Just little old me. I'm gonna guess Amrehlu, since ya seem to post the most here.
  3. 1147, man. Keep it movin'...
  4. Heya, dude. Welcome to Kametsu. Hope ya like it here. We're a cool bunch to know. (I won't bother with the old welcome thing, I'm too lazy. ;p )
  5. I have quite a few favorites, and I'm more for the yaoi (Means gay). I will warn you that I pair everyone with at least two different people, depending on the fandoms I've come across. Let's start with Sora, shall we? First we have the ever popular SoraxRiku, better known as SoRiku, then there's SoraxRoxas, and even SoraxAxel. These are my favorites, just because it's very cute (Or hot in Riku's case) and I'm quite fond of things like that. Now it's Riku's turn. Hold your hats, this'll get crazy. As I said, SoRiku, and then RikuxRoxas (It's strange, and the reasons for liking it vary), and even RikuxAxel. Though I don't think they've met, it's hot. Now since I don't feel like listing everyone separately, let's just sum this next section up into one long listing. The Organization. In order of rank, because I'm OCD like that, we have... XemSai, XigXal, XigDem, Zemyx, ZekuRoku, ZexLex, AkuRoku, AkuDemy, AkuZeku, AkuMarly, LuxDem, and MarVex. Now, since I'm nice, I'll translate each pairing name. XemnasxSaix, XigbarxXaldin, XigbarxDemyx, ZexionxDemyx, ZexionxRoxas, ZexionxLexaeus, AxelxRoxas, AxelxDemyx, AxelxZexion, AxelxMarluxia, LuxordxDemyx, and MarluxiaxVexen. Yes, I did cover most known Organization pairings, since I like almost all of the pairings known. But that's why I'm known as the Yaoi freak.
  6. For Koby: Well, I shall hope to see everyone at least once while I'm here, so, as I used to, I'll visit everywhere at least once, and be here almost all the time. For Mitz: Thank you, I'm sure you and I will get along. (If I don't get too crazy, that is.) ;p For EO: Yeah, I understand that. My brother-in-law is in the Air Force, so I barely get to talk to him, or my sister, because they're busy with life and such (Not to mention WoW). For Amrehlu: Well then, for starters, I love your avvy and sig. Those are cool. and second, thanks! I love meeting the new guys on the forum, and my profound apologies if I ever accidentally call you "kid". I picked it up from Dante. Vergil and Nero = epic win. @[email protected] I love those two.
  7. Cool, thanks, Koby, I'll check 'em out. I plan to wreak my old havoc again (If it hasn't gone out of style yet), and chill with all my old friends again. I kinda missed you, Koga, EO, Riku, heck, everyone!
  8. Ahh, I'll do my pictures, now that I have 'em. Full picture of me. Aren't I pretty? http://kingdomyaoi.deviantart.com/art/Goths-are-Sexy-114578992 And a close up of me, with some kanji on my face. http://kingdomyaoi.deviantart.com/art/Not-Gaara-115088552 I don't smile for most of my pictures, since I take 'em myself, but meh. Old habit of mine. ;p
  9. Oh, yes. Remember me? I used to haunt Forgotten Memories. I got bored with dead forums everywhere and went of to deviantART and *Gasp* chatrooms. Scary, huh? So anyway, I decided, y'know, it's about time I went back to the ol' Forgotten Mem. turned new forum. (That means Kametsu) So here I am. I can thank Koby-san's friend request for reminding me, too. Thanks a ton, boss. So, a little itty bitty paragraph or five update on me. I've gone through my Kingdom Hearts phase and moved on to Death note, to Devil May Cry, Death Note, Naruto, Death Note, Naruto, and finally Death Naruto Cry. Basically I bounced from one thing back to Death Note, then settled on Death Note, Naruto and DMC all at once, with DMC at the forefront of it all currently. If I start squealing about Vergil and Nero, you'll know why. Anyway, back to what I was talking about at first. I am back, and ready to rock the forum again. Everyone beware. Vivi's back in Kametsu.
  10. 1037 Zexion is a rabbit!
  11. ^ Yes. < Made Zexion into a rabbit boy. V Wonders why I did that.
  12. 1013 Meow! *Falls asleep*
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