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  1. Luneth

    i'm back

    oh thanks koby!
  2. this need moving asap, btw ghosts onyl exist if like somebody dies in either their own house or a member of he or she's family's house
  3. Luneth

    i'm back

    hey guys i'm back
  4. Bye fellow members and staff but its time i had a break from this forum, so byes to all
  5. Luneth


    http://forums.forgottenmem.net/showthread.php?t=77&page=9, to get to this game!
  6. ^ has dodged < Pur3 0wn4g3 v Doesn't know what i am saying atm!
  7. I am unbeatable at this forum's game called 'killing spree'
  8. Banned for being a big Axel and Roxas fangirl
  9. Luneth

    Insult Game

    All of you are fat black Cunts!
  10. I think you guys and girls don't understand why this thread is called FFVII: Tech Demo, as i can see is that you guy have got a clue of what you are talking about, well then it says 'Tech Demo', this doesn't mean that they are going to remake it because it actually means that it is showing you what the game would look like if Square Enix remade it more realistic!
  11. Be the way, guys and girls, this isn't really going to be a game its just showing what it would look like if they remade it more realistic!
  12. above poster likes to be raped or rape fat black women!, lol
  13. Luneth

    Insult Game

    You are so fat that you couldn't rape anyone or be raped by anyone but your fat black mum!
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