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  1. Take Dae314's advice. If you absolutely need to disable Aero in Windows 8 you can rename \Windows\Resource but as Dae314 pointed out the explorer requires it so you'll have to find another interface with which to navigate your computer.
  2. Oh boy. Desktop 64GB Internal SSD (full) 2TB Internal HDD (mostly full) Laptop 350GB Internal SSD (Half full, mostly different OSes) 750GB Internal HDD (mostly empty) 3TB External HDD (mostly empty) 2TB External HDD (full) 16GB Flash Drive (broken? why do I have this.) 8GB Flash Drive (Linux Live "Disc") 3 x 2GB Flash Drives (Variable) 8GB SD Card (Phone) (half full) Bonus: ~100GB backed up in DVDs 2GB Dropbox (unneeded?) 50GB Box (1GB used?) 5 x 15GB Gmail accounts "Unlimited" Webhost (500MB used?) Kudos to the file server guys. If only I had a living situation in which this such a thing was practical. The "un"fortunate side is that internet speeds are about to go supernova, coupled with H.265, may significantly decrease the need to ever backup movies, shows, etc. But this might be a good thing.
  3. Agreed. After removing metro and adding something like a start menu, it's actually quite nice. Some GUIs are overly complicated with too many options visible by default (explorer). Some things are made all too complicated (it takes approximately thirty clicks to allow yourself to edit [or edit permissions] of system files through explorer). Other GUIs are rather nice, like the sleek black bar that comes off the side, and the file transfer interface. In general, getting around is faster than in other Windows versions once you get used to it. I've got it to cold boot in 13 seconds (Win 7 does it slightly faster in 12), plus Win 8 has a superfuous "lock" screen before you enter your user info.
  4. [Please measure data transfer in Mb/s and data storage in MB. A mb/s is a milibit per second, Mbitps is megabit picosecond. Sankyuu...] The average around here is 25Mbps, but 100Mbps is finally available in some places. I have seen such speeds sustained. It's very nice, and not really expensive, especially if one were to split the expense between roommates or colleagues. However, >1Mb/s upload speeds remain extremely expensive (but also come with static IPs, and access to ports, etc.)
  5. Everything matters. But, I assure you, however awful your experience.... eventually you come to accept that both the duration of the experience and its end are two of the best things to ever happen to you. To combat depression? I find no-one can do this for me except myself. Alcohol only helps you one night at a time, but can often shape your perspective on things to give you new insight--in moderation. Go for a run, listen to uplifting music, meditate, and most importantly... wait patiently.
  6. For great sound on a gaming headset, there isn't anything better than Sennheiser PC350 for the price. They are expensive, but are extremely comfortable and the sound is amazing--but you will need a very good sound card to tell (buy yourself a nice ~$100 7.1 card by ASUS, etc.) I had one pair that is still in excellent condition after two years of steady use, but I runfortunately ipped off the headset portion (accidentally). But if you're not willing to spend the money, any decent brand (Sennheiser, etc.) headphones at $70 will all sound the same for the same style (open vs. closed) without a nice sound card, it's just a matter of comfort.
  7. Laptop (ASUS G75V) CPU: i7 3610QM, 2.3GHz (not OCed, 8 threads) RAM: 16GB 1600 MHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 670M HDD: 1x 360GB SATA3 SSD, 1x750GB HDD Screen: 17.3" LED LCD Razer DeathAdder Desktop (Old now, haha) MOBO: Gigabyte EX58-UD5 CPU: Core i7 920, 2.2GHz (not OCed) RAM: 6GB 1600 MHz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 275 HDD: 1 x 64GB SSD, 3 x 2TB HDD Monitor: 24" LED LCD Razer Lycosa, Razer Deathadder, Sennheiser PC350 Headphones Unsurprisingly, Windows rates my Agility 3 SSD as the highest scoring component in my laptop. It's sad SSDs are actually constricted by even the newer SATA standards.
  8. This doesn't necessarily mean you were hacked. You could have been attacked or your neighbours just tried to see if they could get on. But if in fact you were attacked, after you've dealt with your computers, I would beef up your network security a bit. Most settings are self-explanatory, but just don't turn off your SSID broadcast, that in fact will make you less secure to someone who really wants to get in.
  9. You're welcome. I find almost everyone entering into a computer science degree (including myself) never actually end up staying on that path. But education is never in vain, as you (and me) have found out. I didn't mind the software engineering aspect, or circuitry, or programming. For me, the incredibly dull parts were compiler design, algorithm analysis, theoretical math, assembly code, and anything else of low-level abstraction. I justify this as okay to myself as one of my passions is the lowest of low in abstraction--physics. But there is definitely a difference between having to come up with a project in a group with a timeline and letting the creativity come out at your own pace. The former is one of the reasons why I decided not to finish. That and the fact of being trapped in a cubicle writing code for something I care nothing about sounds absolutely abyssmal. I like to actually work. Lost Odyssey is one of the few great modern RPGs out there. I thoroughly enjoyed the game (sans the annoying children). The DLC is actually pretty challenging as well. Android and mobile development in general is something we really want to look into as the market is quite large and fairly simple to develop for. But, I absolutely detest the abomination is Apple. Sure, they develop great (but nice-looking terribly underpowered notebooks) products that provide great functionality... if everything else you own is iJunk. But their philosphy can't stand up to the direction open source software and intellectual property is headed, IMO. Also the open source Android console seems like it could either flop or could be revolutionary to the industry. But we aren't really doing this for profit (although some of us would like to quit our day jobs to do this), rather than the fun of crafting a world that is your own and having others enjoy it... but we may end up charging a small amount anyway, if only to cover costs.
  10. Great to see someone building a nice RPG! I've spent my fair share of time fooling around in RPG Makers (2000-VX Ace) over the last decade, and I've taken on quite a few ambitious projects. The longest game of mine only made it to about three to four hours, as I have a tendancy to keep remaking games from the start, slightly more perfect each time--resulting in basically zero productivity. But it's been a long time since I've worked on a creative project like that. I never did like the changes from XP to VX, but VX Ace (other than the tile art style) seems very sleek. Since then, I've moved towards actually coding a game engine from scratch with a few friends in the hopes of developing an awesome RPG. It'll definitely be a lot more versatile than Ruby/RGSS, but it's going to be a lot of work to get it as easy to work and build with as RGSS. But I admire you for keeping true to your projects for so long, and hope you build a great game for us to enjoy.
  11. I hate to be an ass on matters like this, and even though I may feel bad for someone who doesn't really understand how the Internets works, almost everyone who falls for this deserves to lose a hundred bucks.
  12. It's definitely a last resort and not so likely to work, but if the HDD is otherwise unrecoverable, I don't think there aren't many people willing to pay a lot of money to recover their data. But he wanted a magic trick, so. I find it funny how easily data can be come irrecoverable and the extent to which people go to destroy it. (Microwaves, magnets, "Gutmann pass", boot and nuke etc.)
  13. Well, the battery and power supply are probably fine, but you could have broken any (and all) the other components. If your laptop is far enough out of warranty, paying for any sort of repair (especially a replaced screen) will probably cost you as much as a low-end new laptop. Aside from the fans, can you hear the HDD spinning up? II would suggest pulling your HDD out, throwing it in a desktop (your may have to remove a IDE to SATA adapter from the HDD), backing up your files and saving up for a new laptop. If your HDD was damaged, there is a small chance you can freeze it in a plastic bag for a few hours to have enough time to recover your data (if it happens to have a bad solder joint that can be fixed by shrinking the board down to make contact again)
  14. I think this is quite unnecessary. I don't know how to solve the problems the internet faces other than waiting for a global mind shift of the older generation towards more liberal policies in regards to intellectual property. Slapping a notice on your website (which is probably only visited by people with a similar mindset as you) is the wrong way to convince a critic. Unless your website is massive and used by nearly everyone every day (Search engines, Wikipedia, social media), there are always alterantives that are going to abide by the law, not matter how restrictive it is. But, there will always be websites like Wikileaks, ThePirateBay, proxies, etc. that allow us to "steal"/share information and ideas. And there will forever will be the darknets and places and Tor networks, etc. Now that we know what we can have, these things aren't going anywhere. I wouldn't worry about internet freedom, there are far bigger problems we will be facing this century.
  15. Most excellent work, Koby! Glad to see how smooth transferring years of data across forum softwares can be. I definitely prefer the defalt look of IPB compared to vB4.
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