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  1. Windows Live Messenger (MSN) is my favorite... what sucks is I dont know many people irl that use it, afew people but not many...everyone uses that ugly AIM messenger xD its sad.
  2. FPS and strategy gotta be my favorite
  3. Last movie I watched was around 4AM this morning(my usual time to watch movies). Watched The Warriors.
  4. Yeah thats the last episode in the animated series, it was discontinued or so ive read on wiki and some other inuyasha sites >.<, but the story is still continued in japan in mangas, I dont really read mangas so there might be an English version of the series out now.
  5. I'm into Drama movies(not chick drama movies or love dramas) guess a good example would be something like Road To Perdition, The Warriors, or Fight Club/Pulp Fiction. just the real strange movies that seem weird is kind of what I like. I say Drama because thats usually what I found these movies under.
  6. Id have to go with Edward Norton as my favorite actor He's played in afew of my favorite movies... Fight Club, American History X, The Illusionist, 25th Hour, ect... My Favorite actress im not so sure about though...I'm not to big on celebs, don't know many.
  7. Reenhart

    Windows Vista

    If that doesnt work for them there is also a option under the properties of the game (the right click>properties) that will allow them to set the game to run in Compatibility Mode, Vista will allow you to set the program to run as if it is running on any other type of Windows operating system of your choice. I found this out when trying to run the first warcraft game from years ago way before XP, My Vista will let you select compatibility all the way back to Windows 95, so it should run every windows program with no problems. EDIT: Also MS-DOS games are possible to run on Vista, those take alittle more work, if anyone has trouble with getting any Classic games to work from DOS I suggest trying the emulator DOSBox. Link is here
  8. Reenhart

    Windows Vista

    I have vista on my laptop, I like it way better than xp, it looks great, runs smoothly and I havent ever had any problems with it. Most people don't like it because they dont know how to use it and work around the stuff they are putting on it that is for xp, trust me anything that was on xp can be ran on vista you just have to know how to work around it until more things start coming out for vista. By the way, you will need 1.8GB or higher to run it smoothly, companies recommend 2GB, my friend has it on a 1.8GB laptop and it works fine though. I use a 4GB Vaio Laptop. As far as running pirated software goes... lol I'll just say you can run it and leave it at that =P I know... There are also several different versions of Vista out, probably the older ones are what alot of people are having problems with, I have the latest one, maybe thats why I havent had many problems, thats gotta be it because I see so many people saying its bad and when I use it...nothing but greatness xD so either its old versions or they just dont have it and want to talk crap on it. But yeah Vista is still going to be more of a novelty for the next year or so until more and more people have it. Yeah most games do no play automatically on vista because of its new security protection program, if you right click and target "run as administrator" it should run perfectly though, its getting denied because of the advanced protect system vista has so xp stuff needs to be ran this way some times since it is vista and not XP. (by the way this goes for other programs not just games, that are for xp)
  9. Cowboy bebop is being shown again, just started last night, love this anime my favorite^^
  10. I doubt it is, i think they made the demo to see what reactions it would get, my friend sean showed me more footage than the technical demo has shown. People are going to deny this as a remake until it actually happens though xD so I guess until it is officially announced there will always be those people that will say no... but really...the video shown at the end of crisis core is one big step forward, I cant wait >.<;; EDIT: changes some things up there
  11. Ooooh so there is more to it than just the technical demo they have shown in the past.... I knew they were going to make a remake eventually... "Square Enix is indeed making a Final Fantasy VII remake. Proof of this can be found in a secret trailer video at the end of PSP game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII." I don't know, alot of people will probably tell me different(because they always do xD) but I knew they didnt make the technical demo for nothing, i'm pretty sure they will remake it and that just adds to it. Seeing as Crisis core story is before the actual FFVII, it shows on the trailer "To be continued..." which means ffvii is next. I don't think SE would put to be continued on something without continuing it. (:
  12. Ooooh sweet, I loved that game. I remember there used to be a website dedicated to that game where you played against other people online and stuff, was shut down alittle bit after FFX got released along time ago ;_; think it was called tripletriadx.com.
  13. Do As Infinity - Shinjitsu No Uta =D
  14. Id have to go wtith vanadial to be honest :x since its the biggest and has the most areas and beast out of all the ff's. but from the poll id have to go with Ivalice.
  15. I recently got a PS1 and PS2 emulator working perfectly on my PC so i've started to play Final Fantasy VII again while i'm at college bored. :x
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