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  1. Dragon Ball Z at its time revolutionized the way anime fights were done. There was nothing close to the fights featured in that anime and everything after was heavily influenced by it. Everything Naruto does has been done before. It started out with a great plot that hooked many but its downfall started right with Shippuuden. It just doesn't seem to be about ninjas anymore.
  2. Anooxy

    Gay Rights?

    No one is equal. And gays must understand that society isn't keen on watching two men/women kissing each other. It's the same with smokers. Do smokers complain about equality?
  3. You shouldn't really use those complicated tools just to watch using your Xbox360. The tool I linked is perfect for getting stuff to work on devices. And if you really, but really, want to go down the complicated route... use AviSynth and get x264. But I don't recommend this for your situation.
  4. http://www.videohelp.com/tools/XviD4PSP
  5. Anooxy

    Gay Rights?

    Don't they have that union thing already? Why do they need to taint the notion of marriage which for ages has meant the union of a man and a woman? Some people do really care about that (not me personally). If I was gay, I'd be happy enough with civil unions.
  6. Anooxy


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  7. It's simple. If you don't want to get hit, stop hitting me. Otherwise do not complain when I hit you. The woman would just show her hypocrisy if she uses the "you're not a man" argument.
  8. It depends on what you posted. Short sentences are usually considered useless thus removed. And this isn't the appropriate thread to complain anyway, report to the moderators instead.
  9. Haha yeah that nick was just something I came up to use on my site. Anooxy is actually the nickname I use everywhere. Anyway, I've been busy with everything recently. University came up and I couldn't find much time to come here. This year's gonna be worse lol. What about you?
  10. Right now I can safely name Digimon Xros Wars 2nd Season. Everyone ressurrects like they wish. Pfff, I hate plot hax's.
  11. Back during the Dark Ages? Hell yeah. Nowadays? No, it doesn't really affect much since we can invent or discover whatever we want without religious people whining at us.
  12. I'm currently watching Monster, and so far it seems good. The plot is good and the pace is fine, althought it seems like the story just keeps dragging more and more and it's becoming boring. I don't know for how long I can bear this since I'm kinda picky.
  13. If any oldie is still here, I was SasukeX back then. I'm in forum posting mood so I lurked and finally decided that I'll get back on this forum since it seems to have activity. So how is everyone then? =)
  14. Yeah I did change my name, AGAIN!

  15. hey dude. you changed your name?

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