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  1. hey there welcome

  2. Kyo

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    ah gayness i was inactive for a long time. anyway if you still want it i can whip one up just lemme know. as for anyone else once again just lemme know, my style has changed a bit over the time passed, i'd consider my work better than it was before anyways.
  3. haven't been here in a wee while. long while actually. anyway thought i'd pop in and see if they place had boosted in activity much. so uh..yo?
  4. Pein looks a royal badass lol. Not liking Jiraiya's big fat nose. he looks ridiculous. getting pretty intrigued about it all i have to say, starting to ponder about the rinnegan and the different versions of pein. are they clones? im doubting it. im thinking he's able to channel himself into other bodies a bit like that technique he used to project itachi and kasame into other ninja.
  5. nice animation in it but kinda looks a bit tacky and aeris looks...bad quality. certain elements i like about it and certain ones i dont....very weird for me to look at lol. I give it a 6 because i like the background but the pic of aeris spoils it i feel. the border is nice.
  6. ok this has been re-edited but i don't have my pen drive with me (i fixed it at college). thanks for the tips its helped alot. i'll show the finished result when i get my drive.
  7. well im not changing the design but thanks for the border tip. tbh the border isn't green either but thanks anyway. i get what you mean, i'm not keen on the border either.
  8. okay this is the first concept for my cd cover for my graphic design outcome. The photo's were taken by me, the girl is called Eirinn and shes a friend of mine. the idea is shes supposed to be a solo artist, bit like avril lavigne sorta. anyway basically the resolution was quite low (my bad lol) on the original pics. so what i've had to do is boost the pics to the size i needed them. the photos themselves have been edited in photoshop and the text added. the border needs work too i feel. but as i say its a first concept so tips would be most appreciated. however abuse my work and i will kick your ass in a very interwebbish fashion lol. =P
  9. the halo one is pretty interesting. i give it a 10 the top one is well done, but not my thing so i give i 9.
  10. just to point out the second one is a blend. the image is not cut out from it's original background. anyway i give the first a 7 and the second a 9. the first is nice but personally not something i like. the second is excellent but seems to be missing something i can't place.
  11. personally i dont like it. I think its well done but it just doesn't appeal to me. It's quite creative but it just doesn't stand out at all to me. 6/10
  12. was? it still is epic. love invader zim! and this is my little tribute to gir. didn't take too long. found the girs on the first page in google.
  13. ur.......i could probly try.....lol
  14. cheers for the suggestions. still having a bit of trouble though. kinda annoying really it just ends up looking way too busy when i add to it. i'll figure something out eventually.
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