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Happy Halloween Kametsu!


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Halloween is in less than three weeks and to celebrate the holiday the forum skin has been changed to an old one we had that fit the colors, Orange and Black (well close enough to black, lol). The banners were all submitted for the Halloween Themed Banner of the Month contest in the graphic section. You can go there to see who designed what banner if you wish.

Well enjoy the celebration. The skin and everything will be back to normal after Halloween (October 31st) for those wondering. If you don't like the skin then at the bottom left of every page you can find a drop down box to change the skin. The normal skin is called "All-Around RPG". I named it that way cause I designed it after a layout I had made for a Final Fantasy / RPG fansite I run called Forgotten Memories.

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hmmmm, we actually don't celebrate hallowe'en here, but we DO have a similar festival, involving firecrackers ...

LOTS and LOTS of firecrackers :boss:

Firecrackers sounds like our 4th of July (Independence Day).

Oh and Kametsu is a smoke free zone, go take your habit outside. xD lolz

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