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  1. The sale lasts until January 5th, so I'll probably edit this post. But so far, I bought: Indie super mega pack (30 games) Jet Set Radio
  2. That is why I disabled auto-aim. In most games, I find myself disabling the auto-aim anyway because I always aim for the head before pressing the "aim" button and the games makes me aim for their chests which is way less effective. I haven't played a lot of the game yet, though. I just did some of the first missions and cleared a few of outpost, but I can see that the game is good. Also, I did all of the coop missions with a friend before starting my singleplayer game.
  3. There is a special thing at the end, but only if you do it on singleplayer legendary. I personally haven't finished it alone, but my brother did.
  4. I guess I'll just continue to install the driver each time I start my computer. OR I can just stop turning off my computer, like I do with my laptop Thanks to everyone who tried to help. And if my problem disappears I'll be sure to post the info on here.
  5. I'm not using any beta drivers, if I did, the first thing I would do is check if the problem exists in the stable version. I've had this problem at least since I installed the Catalyst control center package 12-8 and now the latest version I am using is 12-10. As for the driver in the device manager, it says I am using version after the install and after I reboot. I also tried installing the drivers directly in the device manager with the "browse for drivers on my computer" and installed the latest it found ( and it does the same thing as installing the complete CCC package. At first, the problem disappears and then it comes back after reboot.
  6. I just used Driver Sweeper, because it does the same thing and doesn't cost $9.99. When I installed the driver it asked me to restart my computer, like it should. The problem did not occur after that restart, but when I restarted my computer another time, it came back... again...
  7. Well, I did some tests and my problem is not due to overheating or under-heating(yes, those exists). I tried running my fans to the maximum and running the game, and after I tried running my game with my fans set to the lowest. The reason I don't have to restart my computer when I install my drivers is because ATI utilizes AMD catalyst install manager to install other programs at the same time. My screen flickers a little and/or becomes black and after it installs other programs, it never asks to restart. I think that the problem is that when my computer reboots, it rolls back to an older driver instead of the new one. The solution may be to delete the ATI drivers files, but I feel really uncomfortable deleting stuff in "Windows\System32"
  8. I know I should probably post this on a more "specialized" website, but I know there are people on here who are good with computers and I'm lazy so I don't want to create an account on another website... Anyway! I have this very weird problem with my graphic card and I looked on google a lot and I can't find anything. My framerate drops when I play a gpu intensive game (like Skyrim). But when I installed the newest drivers everything is fine, that makes sense right? The problem is after I restart my computer, the framerate drop comes back, then I have to reinstall the drivers again. I'm getting really tired of reinstalling drivers over and over again. My Graphic card: ATI Radeon hd 6870
  9. Since you have a headphone port, you don't need to switch from hdmi. All you need is a cable that goes from the headphone port to your laptop's microphone input. I think it's 1/8 in or 3.5 mm like Dae314 said and the correct software to record the audio. Of course, you can use the "sound recorder" from the accessories menu on windows, but there are other ones available (and free) on the internet.
  10. I just applied for a job in a video game company!

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    2. lolrawr


      Oh ok. Good luck! Also... Get rid of Uplay as fast as you can. XD

    3. Dude888


      I just want to make games....

      but yeah, suck it Uplay

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      Nice, good luck on the job app mate!

  11. Does your TV has an headphones port? And how is your console connected to your TV? is it hdmi or composite? The later would be better (depending on the first answer). Is there a microphone port(probably) or any other "audio in" port?
  12. So yeah... I found a workaround. I guess the audio was too good in quality (if that makes any sense) so i tried re-encoding the audio to a lower quality. After numerous attempts(7-8 different settings) and a full day of encoding, because mediacoder free only allows 6 "jobs" in the queue at a time and I wasn't at home to see that it stopped. I managed to make the audio sync to the video without losing video quality.
  13. Last weekend, my brothers and I did the campaign on 4 player legendary coop. It must have 6 hours or something and it was awesome. I gotta say, I was a little bit disappointed with the ending (not, I'm gonna whine about it and tell the developers to change the ending, like people did with mass effect), but I would've done it differently. I still haven't tried the multiplayer, but that's what we're going to do next weekend.
  14. scratch that, i managed to start the torrent. I had to use BitComet. ĀµTorrent and Bittorrent (the same thing) don't work for me.
  15. I tried VLC yesterday... will not install again. I played some other video and some of them had their audio delayed and other were "early". One video started fine, but the audio was mismatched in the end. But I have finished watching these series and the one I started this morning (in 1080p .mkv) was fine.
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