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Forgotten Cartoons


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Assuming that a cartoon which I had watched years back and just discovered it back a some time back. Growing up my access to Cartoon Network and Boomerang was very limited . Classic Hannah Barbara show's were my favorite because they were the only one among few available especially Scooby Doo. But mine is Krypto the super dog , used to watch this whenever I could , just remembered about it a while back.

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I completely forgot 101 Dalmatians The Series existed until last year and then suddenly my childhood came rushing back to me.


There are a lot of cartoons I watched when I was young that either I forgot about or everyone else did.  Mostly Disney shows since that's what I watched the most.  Anyone remember Brandy and Mr. Whiskers?  Teacher's Pet?


@Tails  I remember Bonkers very well.  That was my favorite show when I was a kid.  I have a couple episodes recorded to a VHS tape from when it aired on Toon Disney.  I really wish Disney would give it a DVD release.  But that seems very unlikely, unfortunately.

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Pablo the Little Red Fox.

Hoota and Snoz.

Three that I personally couldn't forget but I feel like some people may have and will be nostalgic to remember them.

Potatoes and Dragons.
Bing and Bong.
Soupe Opera.

Edit: Made the mistake that made me forget the show in the first place and called Simsalagrim, Grimsalabim.

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