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  1. I assume the Scooby-Doo movies and Tom & Jerry movies threads are the last ones to update ;) also so many uploads in one day :D wow 

  2. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Thanks for the new uploads Tooncore (a few questions though..) I thought Dastardly and Muttley was with subs? (but it's not as big a deal as Top Cat since there are srt files for Muttley ) also does Pup Named Scooby have subs?
  3. Ripping from Cartoon Network without an Account

    I think alot are unlocked right now maybe?
  4. Fonts for subtitles

    It does look similar to the other one on the picture I had.. thanks (I guess that's as close as you can get since the other one is an image subtitle or whatever it is )
  5. Fonts for subtitles

    Hmm.. it looks similar (also I got to thinking.. I think that the other one is some sort of image subtitle that is on dvds ) so that one is corinthian medium?
  6. Fonts for subtitles

    Now if I just knew what those are and how to get all subs to look like that
  7. Fonts for subtitles

    the image worked and that's what they look like
  8. Fonts for subtitles

    so it's univers 65 bold hmm thanks I'll have to try that Edit: Did install it but.. it's not as small as the ones like a dvd.. hmm
  9. Fonts for subtitles

    https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/univers/ < which one though, it looks like there's alot
  10. Fonts for subtitles

    Hi I just wanted to ask.. (I don't know where a font question goes but.. ) what is the font used for dvd releases from Warner Bros? (and others i guess) It's small and easy to read... (it's on alot of the warner cartoons on dvd.. and on VSHD's Scooby Alien Invaders on here as well) Thanks
  11. SMB Super Show Episodes

    Np it's basically retiming the subtitles to match the footage
  12. SMB Super Show Episodes

    Yeah, I don't guess there is any way around having to cut the subtitles up into parts in order to sync it (since the restored ones have the commercials and all while the others don't or fade in/outs that are different lol) and I didn't have to do anything to the audio itself it's the subtitles that are hard to sync due to the time differences
  13. SMB Super Show Episodes

    Is there a way to add the cover songs to the netflix ones on here (or any dvd/etc)? (or is easier to try and sync the subs by just dividing them up and manually resyncing )
  14. Forgotten Cartoons

    Fiends ccatenti Making Fiends