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  1. Happy Birthday :) 

    1. Koby


      Happy Birthday Arian!

    2. Anon316


      Happy Birthday Arian! Have a good one!

  2. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    https://www.crx4chrome.com/crx/10006/ I found this for GetThemAll Edit: I got it to install on Chrome and it works it downloaded the webvtt file easily, (that's pretty simple and easy to do ) Thanks for the help with it @TheOneWhoSees
  3. marbleroll

    Muh Stuff

    Do you think there is a way to re-sync or edit something like that @Koby or just give up on it? lol
  4. marbleroll

    Muh Stuff

    lol yep they're different (I think the english is a tv cut) idk what the russian one is (also Disney blocked alot of them ) English compared to.. Russian (alot of differences)
  5. marbleroll

    Muh Stuff

    Oh well I guess that doesn't help for mine (their audio is off from the video lol)
  6. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    Ah well.. is it ok if I ask what chrome extension you used to get the subs?
  7. marbleroll

    Muh Stuff

    I don't suppose you're good at syncing audio? (you said you removed the audio and re-added english) does that mean you have to sync it back as well? I have some Bonkers episodes except the audio and video is russian but I have an english episode too with the english audio and it won't sync very well lol Could you resync the audio to the video for them please? (if you can?) @megajew
  8. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    I don't suppose you have an account on Boomerang to get the subs for all the shows like you did that one? @TheOneWhoSees?
  9. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    I guess if anyone can try to download an episode maybe from the site like the FAQ says.. it would be cool if the downloaded video file (if it even downloads one) could run in VLC to be recorded through VLC..
  10. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    wow that's cool (I wish the shows were that easy ) when you try to download the .dash file (on the free ones) VLC doesn't play anything.. and trying to change the .dash to anything in the link goes to access denied
  11. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    https://boomerang.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115001154273-How-do-I-download-videos- (well it doesn't really say I don't guess..)
  12. marbleroll

    Help Ripping from Boomerang

    I did have an idea for Boomerang.. according to the FAQ on the site.. it says you can download episodes to pc.. what format does it download as? If it's mp4.. can VLC open and record it? (and if it has subtitles maybe CCExtractor can rip them)
  13. marbleroll

    [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Well megalinks won't have them (since that's probably where half of them ended up going down from ) since they closed and have a forum now instead..
  14. Subtitle Workshop works but you have to type the time for each one
  15. It's under VIP now so I guess you could say that there is a class restriction on it now I think you have to get 220 posts (if I remember right) to get access Hope that helps?