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  1. :) A year sure passes fast.. I just noticed I joined just over a year ago on the 22nd... and in that time I've made lots of friends and found tons of cool stuff here :D of course that's in addition to finding the CN Reborn project by icebox and then getting introduced to Flashpoint from that with the games :) 


    So Thanks Kametsu ❤️;) and all my friends here as well! (I don't want to ping too many people but maybe they won't mind since there isn't a whole lot..? 😛 


    @PrincessAlicia, @megajew, @icebox616, @ElectricAngel, @Duckgoose, @RyanEsau, @DRX, @ElementalCards, @TheOneWhoSees (I don't think I missed any? :P )

  2. marbleroll

    I hope they make a Lego scooby doo game

    Yeah it would be a cool game.. (maybe one based on Scooby-Doo Where Are You? episodes for levels? )
  3. marbleroll

    What is Playon.tv

    >_< If only it worked it could be cool
  4. Hi :) If anyone knows russian and could translate the missing english episodes for Bonkers and make subs? A few are missing in english dub :( Including this one and Fall Apart Bomb Squad but it has a copyright on it (unless it shows up another way somewhere else) and New Partners on the Block (also has a block :( )  The dub for Poltertoon and Fall Apart Bomb Squad is lost I think in english so these might be the only versions of them.. just in russian - (if I knew russian I would try to make subs myself but I don't know russian lol)


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    2. marbleroll


      https://www.watchcartoononline.com/bonkers-episode-26-new-partners-on-the-block New Partners on the Block is here (but the quality is worse than the Toon Disney tvrips for the others >_< ) so it probably would be better in the russian one in hq (at least the Toon Disney tvrips were in decent quality lol that one is way worse 

    3. marbleroll


       Now this one I know has bad quality for english :P https://www.watchcartoononline.com/bonkers-episode-16-hamster-houseguest It's like New Partners on the Block in terms of quality when compared to the russian one 

    4. marbleroll


       This one may be lost in english.. (lol I'm trying to sort the ones that I think are really lost or bad quality vs ones that are in decent quality)

  5. Happy Birthday :) 🍰 (no cake on the emojis :P but it's a shortcake at least)

    1. DRX


      Happy birthday bud :)

  6. marbleroll

    Hard Coded Subtitles

    Ok will rip one and upload it
  7. marbleroll

    Hard Coded Subtitles

    It didn't read the avi file with the subs (but they're embedded in the video stream so it probably didn't pick them up lol)
  8. marbleroll

    Hard Coded Subtitles

    Text I would think (but image would be fine too, they have black boxes being closed captions lol) (although for that episode I don't need it anymore for subs) but I can probably use it for other shows, also I tried the program and it says that the srt frames don't exist or are malformed
  9. marbleroll

    ElectricAngel's Boomerang WEB-DL Index

    MAD on Boomerang? Oh my
  10. marbleroll

    ElectricAngel's Boomerang WEB-DL Index

    @ElectricAngel Hey just letting you know that slowmo did Paddington (unless you want to rip it yourself lol ) anyway, Thanks
  11. marbleroll

    Ripping Subs from VRV?

    https://vrv.co/watch/GREX5GE8Y/SWAT-Kats-The-Radical-Squadron:The-Pastmaster-Always-Rings-Twice will this one work?
  12. Does anyone know how to rip from Starz.com (or subs anyway) or from the https://www.xfinity.com/stream/browse/free-episodes-movies Xfinity stream?

    1. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      Tried youtube-dl yet?

    2. marbleroll


      I couldn't configure it to work but I know they're encrypted mp4s that show up on the download from the site (subs are easier being just vtt ;) ) and supposedly it uses the same as Amazon which is hard probably as it is :P 

    3. marbleroll


      and the Xfinity one I think is the same as Hulu and probably also encrypted.. 

  13. marbleroll

    Rip closed captioning from TV?

    Recording them on the program does make them hard subs.. (if only I could figure out how to rip them from it being hard subs lol)
  14. marbleroll

    Hard Coded Subtitles

    http://www.divxland.org/en/guide/46/ripping_subtitles_from_hardsubbed_video_with_subrip#.W4hI4-hKjIV Kinda like this but I can't get the colors right lol but AVISyncDetector ripped them to images but how to get them in a .srt is what I can't figure out
  15. marbleroll

    ElectricAngel's Boomerang WEB-DL Index

    Lol I revised mine a little bit to update it but would love these few shows Atom Ant Subtitles Good, Bad, Huckleberry Hound Subtitles (the other rips don't have them lol) Top Cat (Found the dvd iso so no longer on the list ) Garfield Gets A Life Garfield On the Town Garfield Goes Hollywood Garfield Babes and Bullets Garfield in Paradise Garfield Feline Fantasies Here Comes Garfield (on the Garfields if I find them anywhere else in good quality I will update them off the list lol) and +1 for Barney Bear uVSthem got most of the Garfields