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  1. :) A year sure passes fast.. I just noticed I joined just over a year ago on the 22nd... and in that time I've made lots of friends and found tons of cool stuff here :D of course that's in addition to finding the CN Reborn project by icebox and then getting introduced to Flashpoint from that with the games :) 


    So Thanks Kametsu ❤️;) and all my friends here as well! (I don't want to ping too many people but maybe they won't mind since there isn't a whole lot..? 😛 


    @PrincessAlicia, @megajew, @icebox616, @ElectricAngel, @Duckgoose, @RyanEsau, @DRX, @ElementalCards, @TheOneWhoSees (I don't think I missed any? :P )

  2. Yeah it would be a cool game.. (maybe one based on Scooby-Doo Where Are You? episodes for levels? )
  3. Hi :) If anyone knows russian and could translate the missing english episodes for Bonkers and make subs? A few are missing in english dub :( Including this one and Fall Apart Bomb Squad but it has a copyright on it (unless it shows up another way somewhere else) and New Partners on the Block (also has a block :( )  The dub for Poltertoon and Fall Apart Bomb Squad is lost I think in english so these might be the only versions of them.. just in russian - (if I knew russian I would try to make subs myself but I don't know russian lol)


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    2. marbleroll


      https://www.watchcartoononline.com/bonkers-episode-26-new-partners-on-the-block New Partners on the Block is here (but the quality is worse than the Toon Disney tvrips for the others >_< ) so it probably would be better in the russian one in hq (at least the Toon Disney tvrips were in decent quality lol that one is way worse 

    3. marbleroll


       Now this one I know has bad quality for english :P https://www.watchcartoononline.com/bonkers-episode-16-hamster-houseguest It's like New Partners on the Block in terms of quality when compared to the russian one 

    4. marbleroll


       This one may be lost in english.. (lol I'm trying to sort the ones that I think are really lost or bad quality vs ones that are in decent quality)

  4. Happy Birthday :) 🍰 (no cake on the emojis :P but it's a shortcake at least)

    1. DRX


      Happy birthday bud :)

  5. Does anyone know how to rip from Starz.com (or subs anyway) or from the https://www.xfinity.com/stream/browse/free-episodes-movies Xfinity stream?

    1. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      Tried youtube-dl yet?

    2. marbleroll


      I couldn't configure it to work but I know they're encrypted mp4s that show up on the download from the site (subs are easier being just vtt ;) ) and supposedly it uses the same as Amazon which is hard probably as it is :P 

    3. marbleroll


      and the Xfinity one I think is the same as Hulu and probably also encrypted.. 

  6. Is there a way to remove a vote? I put VLC and MPC (but was thinking VLC and MPV lol)
  7. Hey :) Just wondering if you still the Hey Arnold ISOs for the series (I saw a post that you said you had Season 1-5 of Hey Arnold) :P If you do could you upload them please? 


    Thanks ;) @Mr. Kimiko

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    2. JariahDaBeast


      Wow! I was completely unaware of this Blu-ray, hopefully someone uploads them.

    3. DJHulp


      @RequestMyFaceRemember it's still 480P SD Quality on a Blu-Ray Disc.

      This Means No Blu-Ray Quality, but it will be Upscaled.

      Beter then nothing I guess! ;) 

      I'm not going to buy it because it doesn't contain my Language :( where I grew up with, otherwise it was a instant buy for me. ;)  Not that it means that English Dub is Bad or Something, but I'm missing Jokes made into it what isn't in the English Dub Version! :( 

    4. JariahDaBeast


      Exactly, it's better than nothing. Even if there are small improvements like audio quality I would buy it instantly if I wasn't extremely broke lol. I feel for you man, maybe if this release does well, they'll release it in other languages 😄

  8. Happy Birthday :) 

    1. Koby


      Happy Birthday Arian!

    2. Anon316


      Happy Birthday Arian! Have a good one!

  9. It's under VIP now so I guess you could say that there is a class restriction on it now I think you have to get 220 posts (if I remember right) to get access Hope that helps?
  10. (Lol i could list a bunch but the post might be too long) so.. a few that are fun to me (:p) are the Theatrhythm series (which for US is Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy: Curtain Call - Japan also got Dragon Quest but it never came to US) - they are musical games which you have to follow the music, Nintendo games (Mario Kart, Zelda, Mario, Kirby, Pokemon, etc) - which some are on the eShop on the Virtual Console for classic systems like NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and others, and there are tons of eShop games that are fun like Steamworld Dig, 3D Classics (though they are like VC but Sega games and a few others) Just some ideas
  11. Nick Magazine did have comics though (I wonder if those would be ok for the comics section if Chris22558 did them in VIP?)
  12. Aw It wasn't terrible (Disney probably would buy out a forum already made if they did for their streaming - since it would save them the money of not having to make it lool)
  13. Hmm.. Disney buying Kametsu - it seems unlikely (I wonder if it has anything to do with the today's date )
  14. What happened (so suddenly) that you decided to retire? :o (Did someone share the links again? -_-) or..? You seemed so happy the other day when you were uploading the rest of the HB shows.. it just seems so sudden.. (I understand if you don't wanna talk about it.. just wondering :/ )


    Thanks.. ;( 

    1. olympustenay


      He is probably very busy. He works two jobs.

    2. marbleroll


      2 jobs? :o wow (maybe he felt rushed with all the requests :/ ) 

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