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  1. Got to admit, while I appreciate the quality, I actually prefer smaller file sizes, even if it means 360p (not that anyone uploads anything like that anymore). Storage gets to be a hassle and there are only so many hard drives you can buy before it gets to be a problem. Part of why I still buy DVDs. So for this, I am probably going to be waiting for prices to go way down on the Blu-ray and just watch it in lesser quality for now.
  2. The Metal Gear franchise. So far it seems like it's one to play for the story, because the gameplay feels kind of awkward.
  3. Surprisingly there have been a few, considering I usually do my best to avoid gaming journalism and buy on good reports about a game in general. Dragon Age: Inquisition. My god, I honestly just wanting it to end way before it did. It felt like I was constantly being taunted with lore and hints of something big... that would show up in some other game, while this one gave unimpressive resolution to old threads, introduced things that were big and flashy and didn't seem to go anywhere, and seemed to think it had been made as an MMORPG (and not in the good ways). Akiba's Trip. From the description of it, you'd think that it was some weird and quirky Japanese game, maybe something like No More Heroes. But the story's just generically there. How do you make stripping the clothes off of vampires to make them burn up in the streets of Tokyo boring? No More Heroes, PS3 version. While I don't have much against No More Heroes in general, it wasn't really ported well to something that doesn't have motion controls.
  4. Phantom Pain. Getting my ass kicked. Still pretty sure this is easier than most Metal Gear games.
  5. It was some long ago and failed to capture my interest that looking at it, I honestly can't be sure if that was the show or not. Still, aired around the right time, tried to poorly mix CGI and old style animation, got cancelled fast, probably the right one.
  6. A bunch of small horror ones. They seem to all be pretty much alike. Also Monster Princess. Don't get the Princess Resurrection name. It's not a good name and if they were worried people would mistake it for Murder Princess, that only ran for two volumes.
  7. Kind of interested after what they did with 7, but at the same time thinking about doing what I did with 7 and waiting, then getting the deluxe edition when the price drops. Hoping it's not as much escort missions as it's looking. Also in mourning that we won't get a SH 2 remake.
  8. Mon Colle Knights. And there was some show that tried to be the new Transformers about robots that turned into dinosaurs or something, can't even remember the name.
  9. Exactly what's the hook in that sort of game? Not a sarcastic "it sucks", asked seriously. When I watched the trailers it didn't really look that interesting to me but I'm seeing lots of "man this game is great" all over. Is it exploration? Combat? Lots of flashy powers?
  10. Trying out Voltron Legendary Defenders, in fact that's what led me here. Seems to be an uneven show. Sometimes it seems to be very competently written, while others it's not very noticeable.
  11. We'll say whatever the ZART we NARF want to! And playing DA:O. Still don't get how a game released almost a decade ago seems stabler and more fun than the two that followed it.
  12. 'kay. It's kind of an abrupt post, but honestly I'd agree in general that the work (manga and anime) is really just 'okay'. There are some body horror sci-fi works like Attack on Titan or Tokyo Ghoul that seem to really catch on, and ones that just seem to not be bad. Sort of like all those supernatural shonen ones around the time of Bleach and Naruto (anyone remember Shaman King or D-Gray Man?).
  13. I had a pretty uneven childhood of cartoon watching. Nina Turtles were right out for a long while, Batman I didn't see anything of until after it had started to go into that odd final season (and I really had no idea what was up with the different character design from older seasons), but for some reason Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain were fine. For a lot of the stuff that are considered classics, I actually didn't see it until we started renting tapes.
  14. Mysterious Girlfriend X actually did feel like a story about two people awkwardly working out a relationship, and surprisingly Ouran High Host Club made me really like Haruhi and her interactions with the cast.
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