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  1. It is kinda sad that the entirety of the downloads forum is gone. There was valuable discussion and information there even if it was only relevant to downloads. Missing episodes of Disney's Doug is how I found my way here, there was discussion about which episodes were still lost and which weren't.
  2. I got a ton of content from links here that I would be hard pressed to find anywhere else. It was kind of fishy when Tooncore and some other major uploader stopped doing what they did.
  3. So I read the movie trilogy and the anime are the same story. Is the movies worth getting and do they have dubs and subs? How about the live action movie? Dubs or subs for it as well and is it any good?
  4. There's another banned episode "rude removal" Pretty good
  5. The Head was a pretty cool short cartoon on MTV in the 90's. Was very happy to have stumbled across it a few years ago. It was fun accessing that vague memory
  6. I tried a few websites for you but no luck on my part. Here is one thing interesting though.. 78episodes x 22minutes = 1716 minutes while this Collected Experiments dvd is advertising 1804 minutes. Ego Trip being 50 minutes it seems very possible to be in this collection. That's a lot of Dexter! My collection I've been ripping the episodes apart 1a,1b,1c.... Takes a long time but one plus will be I can have a shortcut folder with just the Dial M for Monkey episodes
  7. It can all be found in decent quality but some episodes have Russian intro scenes or German subtitles. Looks like there is a rare dvd set mtv had released and another dvd called the knockout collection which is advertised as having some of the best episodes. So, a proper collection can be had for this show, I hope it doesn't take too many forevers for that to happen.
  8. Happy to have found a forum of people sharing an interest of mine, TV shows & anime. Admittedly I haven't found a need for community in this interest of mine (which is near a full time hobby), but this one I'm hoping will serve me a purpose, and for what forums are I'm actually pretty excited to see this one seems to be a well managed active community at first impression and probably a resource I could have benefited from in the past had I known about it and maybe even contribute. Anyway if you read all that, I David here and I specialize in tracking down media files, I like pretty much all media and have amassed a near complete 90's kid collection and beyond. That being said you might speculate what missing treasure has brought me to kametsu forums. Thanks for having me!
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