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    • By JMan1988
      Dokonjo Gaeru 1972 Anime Series

      Episodes: 103
      Quality: Any
      Subtitles: Not Needed
      Anime Link: Anime News Network
      Hi, I was wondering, does someone have the RAW (untouched) episodes of the 1972 anime version of "Dokonjo Gaeru" (aka "The Gutsy Frog")? Thanks.
    • By TodyCincher
      I'm kinda tired of the shows I've been watching. I haven't watched a ton of Anime, but what I have watched always leaves my heart full. I would watch more if I knew much about it. What I have watched is either just extremely popular or has been recommended by a friend. I just finished Erased and I LOVED it. Here is a list of what I have watched. Help me make a new list of anime to start watching!
      Anime I've most enjoyed: 
      Your Name
      Soul Eater
      Attack on Titan
      Anime I watched that was good, but not my favorite:
      Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
      Madoka magica
      Fairy Tale (Only watched half. Loved it in the begging, but got boring as it went on)
      I love action, but the anime I've most enjoyed has romance too. Other then that I'm not sure what I like. Last thing is I want to stay away from anime that have a million season already. New or old and short are perfect.
    • By VON
      FFF did Season 1 but there has been no Season 2 even though the BD is out. I can't find a proper release of Season 2 would anyone be able to do it?
    • By VON
      So the BD for Assassination Classroom 365 Days has come out & was wondering is anyone planning to sub it?
    • By VON
      Would anyone be able to do Black Lagoon S1+S2 & Roberta's Blood Trials in Dual Audio 1080p FLAC?, the only release I found was ShaqSalazar's but the links are no longer available & I can't find it on any other site. Could anyone do it?