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    • By TodyCincher
      I'm kinda tired of the shows I've been watching. I haven't watched a ton of Anime, but what I have watched always leaves my heart full. I would watch more if I knew much about it. What I have watched is either just extremely popular or has been recommended by a friend. I just finished Erased and I LOVED it. Here is a list of what I have watched. Help me make a new list of anime to start watching!
      Anime I've most enjoyed: 
      Your Name
      Soul Eater
      Attack on Titan
      Anime I watched that was good, but not my favorite:
      Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
      Madoka magica
      Fairy Tale (Only watched half. Loved it in the begging, but got boring as it went on)
      I love action, but the anime I've most enjoyed has romance too. Other then that I'm not sure what I like. Last thing is I want to stay away from anime that have a million season already. New or old and short are perfect.
    • By VON
      FFF did Season 1 but there has been no Season 2 even though the BD is out. I can't find a proper release of Season 2 would anyone be able to do it?
    • By VON
      So the BD for Assassination Classroom 365 Days has come out & was wondering is anyone planning to sub it?
    • By VON
      Would anyone be able to do Black Lagoon S1+S2 & Roberta's Blood Trials in Dual Audio 1080p FLAC?, the only release I found was ShaqSalazar's but the links are no longer available & I can't find it on any other site. Could anyone do it?
    • By QuinnPrime
      I was just wondering if anyone knows where I might be able to track down English subtitles for Please Save My Earth, the movie version, the full title of which is, Please Save My Earth: From Alice to Rin. Or an English subbed MKV of it. The movie, which is an edited-down version of the six-part OAV series, was the first version of Please Save My Earth that I ever saw. I got a fansubbed VHS of it right around the time it was initially released (1992). I have the full OAV series subbed on DVD, and eventually tracked down a raw Japanese language rip of the movie, but can't find subtitles anywhere! Any upload, or advice on leads would be very much appreciated!!
      MEGA preferred.
      Original movie was SD, so any decent quality is fine.
      Just English subs would be awesome, if available, since I have the raw Japanese video.
      MAL Link: https://myanimelist.net/anime/7366/Boku_no_Chikyuu_wo_Mamotte__Alice_kara_Rin-kun_e