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  1. 1. Which IPSFocus Themes do you like?

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Spectrum changes color during time of day. It's blue during the day, orange during sunrise/sunset, and black at night.

Dispersion randomly changes gradient color on page load, but can be paused to remain on one, or flipped to greyscale by the user.


As you can see, most have individual user options to change colors or backgrounds.


@ZeroPenguins donated the funds for themes, so I'm rather inclined to go with his options.


I honestly think Animate and Villain aren't that great myself. I'm kind of holding out for Carbon or Brave (our old dark theme) to be updated to 4.1 but it seems like it might still be a while on those.


As for the floating navigation or userbar; honestly I kind of like it and have considered doing so for some of my custom themes. Just not really sure if I prefer logo & navigation or userbar & search, etc... Which combination would you prefer to see float?

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I deeply love animate.  Then unicorn and and villain. I did pick Subway as well because you can change the color.  I don't get why Spectrum is so great...you only get four background choices...its hardly that great.

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2 hours ago, Izaya said:

I could always donate Chameleon Dark :P I don't think we'll be using it lol.

But I voted Chameleon Dark, Spectrum, and Villain.

If you want to, that'd be awesome if Ehren would allow it.


I'm still holding off to see what else he pushes out before making the purchases with the donated theme funds.

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I personally like Animate, and Villain, as they're akin to the old forums' skin and would be much easier on my eyes, and easier to navigate the site with little trouble.


Right now, I'm using the Vectron theme since it's easier for me to navigate the site, than the default, Asphyxia, or the Default, which is too plain in my honest opinion.

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