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  1. [NOMINATIONS] Anime of Fall 2017

  2. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    They just released an updated version. It's working again...Now works on Windows 7 as well
  3. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    @Dexter1998I've been in contact with FreeGrabApp's support, They've confirm the error with Win7 and are working on it.
  4. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    @Dexter1998 I've tried multiple episodes for different shows & anime, Stand-up comedy & Movies. Tried different video & audio quality combinations to no avail. I keep getting this "Parse DASH stream error". Does anyone have any ideas on how I can fix this? I use a Windows 7 x64 PC. Anyone else getting this to work on the same OS version as me?
  5. NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    I'm guessing this software doesn't work anymore? (Win 7 pc) All I get it a "parse DASH stream error". No matter what quality (video or audio) I choose, Nothing downloads
  6. Storage Solution's ?

  7. Storage Solution's ?

    With luck, I'll be upgrading my 1tb D drive to a 6tb drive in the next few weeks. EDIT: Replaced 1tb with 6tb drive yesterday.
  8. I feel the same...4 ep's just seems odd
  9. I've been enjoying the manga. I can't wait for the anime
  10. I've built all my PC's plus a few others for family. I originally built the PC to be an encoding box back in 2006-07. The full ATX case, and the Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz), are the only things left from the original build. Now it's just a big a$$ Kodi box with 2x 4tb, 1x 1tb (soon to be replaced with a 6tb) and a 1x 500gb drives. And an old Microsoft HP RC1534046/00B PC Remote, which can be found for less than $20 usd. My ideal setup would be with a NAS to serve up all the media, and Intel NUC's with Kodi on every TV in the house.
  11. HTPC (9.5tb internal storage) with Kodi + windows remote, connected to a 40" 1080p HDTV through HDMI for video & sound. I need to build a NAS and get a sound system tho.
  12. https://anidex.info/?id=1&q=PHF https://anidex.info/?id=1&q=RH
  13. That would be Awe-(wait for it...)-some
  14. One Piece FUNimation Dub Discussion

    I just started watch One Piece 3-4 weeks ago. I'm already up to ep 346. I've literally not been watching anything else
  15. Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I've been trying hard to read Inu Yashiki, Only on Chapter 10 do to them being very badly translated. But, It seems interesting enough to try and deal with it.