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  1. Vaux

    Status Quo

    Oh wow I missed out on all the drama! First thanks for all the effort you; Koby, the staff & the community, put in over the years to make it the place it was and to keep it going after. It would feel a bit bad not to say thanks and goodbye/welcome back to all the people that provided and made the content that we all enjoyed. I can say for sure that without this community I wouldn't have seen half the amount of anime I have, simply because I didn't know about it & even if I did I would struggle to find it in physical or stream format. This was always going to be an outcome, it was only a matter of time and always will be for any community that dabbles in these things. I'm glad you made the right decision and avoided any legal action and were so transparent about the situation. I think it's disappointing that some people feel the way they do and post about it. Considering this wasn't a paid service but a bunch of hobbyist who did this in their spare time for others whether it be encoding, muxing, subbing or uploading, Thank You! p.s I look forward to the new plans, as an information source on releases I think it would be hard to beat.
  2. I voted for FraXX it wasn't bad overall just the pacing was bad at times, waiting a week for a filler episode was annoying. The final part of the story was pretty cringe-worthy as well, reminiscent of Eureka Seven or Gurren Lagann. I think I only watched about half the final episode as they managed to drag out about 5 minutes of story for a full episode I would have possibly voted to Food Wars if I'd actually seen it, I think the list seems a bit sparse of any big hitters this time round
  3. It's a close one between Violet Evergarden & FraXX for me, I ended up going with FraXX as it seems more consistent than Evergardens rollercoaster
  4. I've only even seen 00 & Unicorn but to me at least they seem fairly standalone, at least in story, although there is some carry over. Judging by the reviews I'd check out 08th MS out of those 3, it looks to be set earlier in the series too, prior to 00, so before all the mass space battles
  5. Tokyo Ghoul:re The third season of Tokyo Ghoul is slated for premiere on 3rd of April. The story this time looks to follow the manga 100% rather than the 2nd season which deviated heavily from the manga. No information yet on whether it's getting a simuldub, but judging by the interest there's a good chance. The new season breaks away and has a new main character in the form of Haise Sasaki, a CCG investigator & member of the Quinx squad. P.s. I wouldn't read to much into the new season as there seem's to be a wealth of spoilers out there, since it follows the manga it seems to be common knowledge
  6. Attack on Titan 2, it's had/has a lot of hype to live upto and so far it's living up to it! They've got a major series storyline developing which could be why, considering they spent all the first season building up to it & then it's almost like the floodgates are open
  7. Vaux

    Windows 7 or Windows 10?

    7 was the new XP but losing support for it makes it at easy target, I upgraded to 10, had a few issues with my router & 10 spoofing webpages at the start but got that sorted and it's been fine. Other then that for me it's been fine
  8. As far I as know this is out the only 4:3 ratio show that Kametsu's done, I think there might be some Initial D encodes in 4:3 knocking around too https://kametsu.com/topic/54244-blue-gender-the-warrior-2002-dvd-540p-hi10-ac3-dual-audio/
  9. If you dropped the 4:3 aspect ratio you could pick up nearly any series, nearly all monitors/TV's are 16:9 now. Also are we talking comfy like enjoyable? You could try CTR's release of NANA it's a 480p but scales fairly well
  10. This is coooool as custard! Nice to see Sunrise gets a executive position, whether that means they get any say or even if any of the original senior crew are still around is another thing. ITV has done quite a few decent programs/films over the years in the UK so hopefully they might do a good job. I just think they've got to get the original producer/director into a controlling role to try and avoid the usual blunders of westernising an anime series to live-action. Since smoking in films/TV now is a no-no maybe Spike can vape? It's not the same without his mushed up, crooked & slightly damp cigarettes though
  11. It's a Herman Miller Ergon, I'm not sure if it's the older one as the 3 has a few differences, it's the taller back one w/o adjustable armrests
  12. I use my desktop PC with a 24" Dell Mointor, MPC-HC & Mad VR. Sound is sent via USB to a Topping TP32EX amp driving B&O C30 speakers or Akg K140 headphones. To top it all off I have a nice comfy reclining office chair.
  13. I've been listening to the Cowboy Bebop Ost's recently! Love 'Space Lion', 'Call Me Call Me', 'Gotta Knock a little Harder', 'Rain (demo)' & 'Yo Pumpkin Head'. Another good Blues/Jazz ost is the Kids on the Slope ones. Eureka 7 is a great mixed genre ost, has some amazing OP's & ED's, including 'Sakura' which is basically Amazing Grace. Gotta be a fan of 'Get it by Your Hands', 'Tiger Track', 'Sky of Hope', 'Distant Memory' etc Skankfunk's Air Gear is a great upbeat active ost with electro/pop styling Quite like [C] Control's ost which has some rap, classical & orchestral vibes Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann [Best Sounds] has gotta have a shout out for all 3 versions of the row row fight the poowwweeeerrrr rap & some of the longest song titles
  14. Suikoden II, Star Ocean The Second Story & Final Fantasy VIII collectors boxset (game, t shirt, poster, memory card in a larger box). Also got a sealed FFXIII-2 Crystal Edition, all in PAL
  15. Why are they rebooting? It's not even that old and I didn't think the old ones did badly
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