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The Flash (2014 TV Series)


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It is a spin-off to Arrow, existing in the same universe.

After witnessing his mother's murder, and his father wrongly accused, Barry Allen is taken in by Detective West and his family. Becoming a forensic scientist for the Central City Police Department, Allen tries to uncover the truth about his mother's murder, which leads him to Harrison Wells' particle accelerator. When the accelerator causes an explosion, Allen is struck by lightning, and enters a coma. When he wakes up, he learns he has the ability to move at superhuman speeds, though he is not the only metahuman created in the wake of the explosion.

IMDB - Ratings: 8.2/10 from 152,022 users

Stars: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker


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I'm still a bit torn on this. Honestly I liked the Flash in Smallville more than the Flash we've seen so far from Arrow; but then I guess this one seems to actually form better to the Flash universe in the whole idea of him actually being a scientist etc. Arrow has been really good so far, better than Smallville ever thought about being; although last season seemed to drag on too long. It felt like they were dragging it on simply for the sake of dragging it on long enough to have a full season story with really only enough content for like half a season. I can't count how many times Slade Wilson could have ended it but instead just walked away. It ended up getting pretty boring by the seasons end; but the finale seemed to pick it back up.


I'm not sure if I'll watch the Flash though; Will judge after I watch the pilot.

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Eh, apparently the pilot was leaked early by The CW. It's available legal via streaming. Though it's interlaced to hell and has a watermark through the whole thing saying "for promotional use only, not for personal or review usage" or something like that. I'm going to wait for the actual airing...

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Captain Cold coming to the CW
More 'Flash' news, thanks to an announcement by Andrew Kreisberg at the Television Critics Association press tour session! We've already had the Weather Wizard (sort of) in the premiere episode of 'The Flash', and hints of his long-time opponents Grodd and Professor Zoom. For those wondering who the heck they are, the fourth episode of the series will bring us a better-known member of the Flash's rogues gallery: Captain Cold, aka Leonard "Len" Snart.

In the comics, Captain Cold wears a blue-and-white vaguely Eskimo-themed costume and uses a gun that fires cold particles. Given how the series is proceeding from a somewhat different starting concept, it's likely that the 'Flash' Captain Cold will have an innate power to project cold, acquired in the same particle accelerator explosion that gave the Flash his superspeed.

Captain Cold has a somewhat higher profile because of his appearance in the Legion of Doom in the 'Challenge of the SuperFriends' cartoon, and a guest shot on the 1990s live-action 'Flash' series where he was played by Michael Champion. He's appeared in the various WB animated series and movies, and even had a brief non-speaking cameo in the last season of 'Smallville'.

In the comics, Captain Cold is the leader of the Rogues, a group of Flash villains who band together to take on the speedster en masse. Kreisberg stated that Captain Cold will play a similar role in the 'Flash' series, meaning that we will presumably not only get the Weather Wizard again, but any number of other villains that have fought the Flash over the years. Those include such luminaries as Heat Wave, Trickster, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, The Top, Pied Piper, Abra Kadabra, and dozens more.

In the new series, Wentworth Miller of 'Prison Break' will play the icy villain.

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Looks like the wait is over, I was browsing for my usual new YFN cartoon releases when something else popped up in a FLASH.

More than a little bit "Wrong Forum" but WTH:          :sweat:



The Flash 2014 S01E01 Pilot 1080p WEB-DL DD5.1 H264 - YFN



More Info:




The Flash 2014 S01E01 Pilot:



Koby or any other admin/mod can make this post disappear in a Flash if they want too... ;)

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I have always liked The Flash as a character, I have read some comics but mostly I watched the cartoons(Justive League, JLU, Flashpoint Paradox, etc.), I also like the CW's Arrow, so I had high hopes for The Flash when they announced the show.


The show has been amazing so far, great cast overall, especially Grant Gustin as The Flash. The Flash's powers are playing well, most of all from a viewing perspective(super speed, slow motion, etc.), the CGI has been pretty good.  The villians and storyline(s) that have been introduced and hinted at works for me.  I greatly appreciate that they just settled on calling him "The Flash," starting with the end of episode 6, he will be referred to as "The Flash."  The public, cops, and others had been calling him "The Streak," which like in Smallville they called Superman "The Blur" was annoying. I don't mind the nickname(s) so much in Arrow, referring to the Green Arrow as first "The Hood" and now "The Arrow," I won't really mind if they don't ever call him "Green Arrow."


The Flash by itself is a good, strong show; and I am looking forward to more crossover characters and stories with Arrow. The first crossover event is less than 2 weeks away, I can't wait to see what the writers decide to do with this chance to improve and expand the shared universe of these two charactes/shows.

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Demore Barnes has been cast as DC villain Tokamak on the second season of The Flash.


Tokamak is also known as Henry Hewitt, a scientist who was affected by the same Particle Accelerator explosion that created the Flash. He is recruited by Caitlin Snow to work at STAR Labs and he soon takes the chance to fulfil his destiny as a meta-human.

Violett Beane has been cast as DC hero Jesse Quick on The Flash.


Jesse Quick, also known as Jesse Chambers, has been described as a super-fast meta-human who becomes involved in Barry Allen's battle with Zoom.

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The Flash Season 2 Trailer: Meet Jay Garrick
Following an impressive debut, the second season of The Flash is one of the most anticipated returns of the fall season. And after a long, long summer during which we've had to get by on repeats and whatever short teases the producers were willing to feed us, The CW has finally released the first teaser trailer for Season 2. And it's not to be missed.

The trailer, which is embedded below, offers fans the first real look at Teddy Sears' Jay Garrick, who savvy fans will recognize as the first superhero to call himself the Flash. His appearance was first teased in the Season 1 finale, when his helmet tumbled out of the wormhole that opened up over Central City. But while Garrick is busy dropping some knowledge bombs about multiple worlds in the trailer, Cisco is being his usual perfect self. Check it out:


Are you ready for Season 2? The Flash returns Tuesday, October 6 at 8pm on The CW.

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I cannot wait for the new season of the Flash (CW). There are going to be some crazy chaos stuff with Barry's speed force to open another dimension (like the idea of multi-verse) theory during the black hole or wormhole in the final episode of previous season (exciting more new villains and heroes). 

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