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  1. Was thinking about watching punisher season 2. Is it worth my time?
  2. Last movie that I watched was xmen days of future past. It was better than I thought it would be.
  3. What does everyone think about the flash costume? I'm not sure that I'm feeling the leather look.
  4. Same here. No world cup win for Messi.
  5. I started watchIng one piece but never finished it even though it's still ongoing. I got through 70 episodes. I'll continue watching it again eventually.
  6. I've seen cowboy bebop in its entirety more times than I can remember.
  7. Who does everyone have for the final between Germany and Argentina.
  8. The never give up rhetoric gets really cheesy at times (I'm looking at you naruto). That has to be the cliche that I hate the most.
  9. I recently bought a ps4, anyone have any suggestion on games that I should check out?
  10. This game is looking decent, I might have to give it a shot when it comes out.
  11. Being that I lived in Atlanta, Georgia for 10 years, I don't think that I am allowed to give any answer other than Coke.
  12. I currently have a LG 42 inch, however I used to own a Samsung and i would consider that the best t.v. that I have ever owned.
  13. I'm a big soccer fan and am hoping that the United States pull off a good World Cup run. I consider them to be in the toughest group with Germany, Portugal, and Ghana. Here's hoping.
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