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  1. Hermiod21

    Dragon Ball Z

    I'm shocked, pleasantly so. To have a new series after so long is, just, wow! I loved Battle Of Gods and was looking forward to more movies, but to fully commit to a new series(which is based on a new story and character designs by Akira Toriyama), I didn't see this ever happening, but I welcome the surprise. As a huge DBZ fan, the fact that Akira Toriyama is directly involved in the new series gives me total confidence that it won't be anything like GT(like many fans, I dislike GT and prefer to not even acknowledge it; a major factor being that the only real input Toriyama had in that show was the coming up with a series title and the character designs, that total mess of a storyline is on someone elses shoulders).
  2. Hermiod21

    Furious 7: One Last Ride

    I don't mind them making more movies if done correctly, after 6 movies, Fast & Furious 6 was one of the best of the franchise, unlike all the Saw sequels which got progressively worse, The Fast and Furious franchises most recent films have gotten better than previous movies. Lucas Black(the star from Tokyo Drift) is in Furious 7, I would like to see him in the future films, possibly taking over as a lead in the franchise. They could slowly phase out older members of the crew and let newer, younger members become the stars. New additions in Furious 7 or in the 8th film could end up being a leader or co-leader in the possible 10th film.
  3. Hermiod21

    The Flash (2014 TV Series)

    I have always liked The Flash as a character, I have read some comics but mostly I watched the cartoons(Justive League, JLU, Flashpoint Paradox, etc.), I also like the CW's Arrow, so I had high hopes for The Flash when they announced the show. The show has been amazing so far, great cast overall, especially Grant Gustin as The Flash. The Flash's powers are playing well, most of all from a viewing perspective(super speed, slow motion, etc.), the CGI has been pretty good. The villians and storyline(s) that have been introduced and hinted at works for me. I greatly appreciate that they just settled on calling him "The Flash," starting with the end of episode 6, he will be referred to as "The Flash." The public, cops, and others had been calling him "The Streak," which like in Smallville they called Superman "The Blur" was annoying. I don't mind the nickname(s) so much in Arrow, referring to the Green Arrow as first "The Hood" and now "The Arrow," I won't really mind if they don't ever call him "Green Arrow." The Flash by itself is a good, strong show; and I am looking forward to more crossover characters and stories with Arrow. The first crossover event is less than 2 weeks away, I can't wait to see what the writers decide to do with this chance to improve and expand the shared universe of these two charactes/shows.
  4. Hermiod21

    This Movie is gunna be awesome!

    Neill Blomkamp is a turning out to be a great Director/Writer, I don't know if this we be better than District 9, but I have no doubt it will be better than Elysium.
  5. Hermiod21

    Hello and Thank You

    As a refugee from Cartoon World, thanks for having such a wonderful site to join in order to fill that void. Just from a glance, I see this place has many improvements to CW(appearance, search function, well-maintained threads, etc). I was mostly a lurker at CW(used it for anime and cartoons). I've been mostly a lurker on most forums I joined since myspace deleted the groups section. I plan to remedy that behavior with this site, so until I post again, thank you all for having me.