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  1. Please disregard.  I was just msg'd and told someone up'd them last week.  :)


  2. I thought you might be able to help.

  3. -- Copy of post ---

    I found REAL Teen Titans 1080p S1.  I'm dl'n them now. Sadly I'm using the free hosts as my multi hoster premium isn't working.  If anyone has a Nitroflare, Rapidshare or Uploadgig account, PM me and I'll send you the links on the condition you upload them to something like Mega and post them here. 

    I won't post the links as posting other people's links is not cool, so don't ask.



  4. Thanks for the feedback on the AJP69 release, I don't have any hard feelings I just didn't see any point in replying on Charlie Browns thread its under downloads not discussions or requests. You appeared to be asking for a repack which you are unlikely to get from Charlie Brown or myself we upload what we find we don't have any control over what release groups include with their releases or what aspect ratio's they use. You maybe able to pick up subs from subscene or somewhere like that I often pick up ext srt subs from them but I don't pack them in a release I just name them to suit the release. I'm not seeing much at subscene when it come to Kim Possible though: https://subscene.com/subtitles/kim-possible-the-secret-files As to a release group seeing your post I'd put that down as damn near impossible, we do have members who do their own encodes but you are not going to find the likes of CtrlHD or TrollHD browsing our forums & taking requests. Our own Mr.Waddles encodes under the release tag iT00NZ he covers TMNT & some other releases, but he is not likely to cover something that has already been done just because it doesn't have subs or the aspect ratio is a little off. Bluray releases often come in 1.85:1 which isn't 16:9 which results in black bars/borders being present, 16:9 is mainly just a TV format my main 27" monitor is 16:10 though my laptops are 16:9.
  5. An image host is a great way of sharing images its how I post Covers, Screenshots etc, there are plenty of free ones such as: https://www.imageupload.co.uk/ You can post images without registering an account entirely for free the Alldebrid image below is on imageupload with me logged out of my free account: Debrid sites work with torrentz as well as direct links, below shows the 57.7GB Cinderella torrent loaded into Alldebrid & the resultant UB links generated by it. I use both alldebrid & real-debrid both convert torrent & magnet links to direct links, real-debrid now only converts to real-debrid links but used to convert to UB & 1F which was really useful to me. Alldebrid only converts to UB which it can then download as if premium, both debrids also convert 1F I often use them in preference to my premium 1F account as they are so easy to use they work in countries that blacklist hosts like UB such as the States. At 16.99 euros for 6 months they are cheaper than most single accounts & both work with RG, UL, 1F, UB as well as many others including torrents they are not much use with nitroflare though. Alldebrid handles magnet links better but real-debrid works better with mega links so take your pick, I couldn't do most of what I do without at least one of them...
  6. I'm not familier with AJP69 not that it matters what the release group is with a WEB-DL as its a direct download no skill at encoding is required, the same formulae for any WEB-DL applies namely buy it, download, remove drm & meta data thats it no encoding required which makes for a very quick turnaround. WEB-DL's are all pretty much of a muchness the only differences with iTunes releases is what audio & subs are included, YFN leaves in both 5.1 & 2.0 with the 5.1 set default NoGrp does it the other way round our own Mr.Waddles (iT00NZ) removes the 2.0 the video is identical which is why we get 700MB 720p & 900MB 1080p's over n over again. I just had a look at the Voltron S02 1080p WEBRip from NTb & I'm damned if I can see any improvement with the S03 1080p WEB-DL from NTb the only real improvement is how fast the WEB-DL's turned up ie the same day. A good WEBRip requires a lot more effort & the difference between your average Joe & the likes of TrollHD is amazing once you have one or more of the WEB-DL's, download the same episode from TrollHD & let me know if you see any improvement either way... All of the links on my TrollHD thread are working fine I've reloaded all the images as well, with new shares I'll go with the WEB-DL's where available but I'm not ready to bin the quality WEBRip's I already have just yet.
  7. A WEB-DL should beat a WEBRip but I can't say I've been that impressed by the new crop of WEB-DL's, I reckon TrollHD is about the best release group out there if they do a WEB-DL I may be tempted to upgrade but for now I'm staying with the TrollHD WEBRip...
  8. lol I posted a better release some months back but I think you've already spotted that... Looks like I have a few more images to reload as my old image host is playing up again...
  9. Just a quick heads up that another of my work away from home weeks has come up I'm traveling this afternoon & should be back on Mon so there's no need for panic if you don't see me online for a few days as I may or may not have any WiFi until I get home.

    I've been on an uploading spree for the past couple of days so hopefully they'll be enough to keep you entertained until I'm back... ;)


    1. DabDeity710


      In other words I've kidnapped him once again:bad_smile::bad_smile::bad_smile:

  10. I've just picked up the 720p DSNY WEB-DL's & have them uploaded n posted...
  11. As you know this movie is not easy to find all I've been able to get is a DVDRip from TPB: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/7557123/Winx_Club_3D_Magical_Adventure_[2010]DvDrip[Eng]-LG Anyway I've downloaded the DVDRip, uploaded it to Mega & 1F & got it posted:
  12. I'm currently uploading a Dual Audio 1080p NF WEB- DL from QOQ, the 1F links are complete & so far I have 5 episodes uploaded on Mega:
  13. The shows out on NetFlix today I've already got the 720p posted & will be adding the 1080p shortly... I'm more than a little disappointed to find out there are only 4 Episodes though...
  14. I used to have this series years ago but I couldn't locate it on my ext drives when you posted this request but fortunately DabDeity710 kindly sent the series to me the other day so I now have it posted over in Dubbed Anime...
  15. No need to worry guys I'm fine I did mention that I was back to work on Tue 20th June, what I didn't mention was that I often work away from home with limited internet or some times none whatsoever.

    Normally my little away missions are only 3-5 days often midweek so you may have not noticed my regular absences before but this time round it was Wednesday to Sun that I was booked away so I was expecting to miss the normally busy Sunday morning slot.

    I should have been back last Mon which would have made it less noticeable but due to an unforeseen occurrence I ended up doing another 4 days so I didn't get home till Fri evening (yesterday) so I'm currently catching up on all the posts I would've made during that period... ;)


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    2. echoecho


      its gud to see u back pal hey r u a doctor you did mention about the hospital atleast  3 times ;) 

    3. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @Raven Thank goodness you're okay, I was worried for your safety honestly lol ^^;.

    4. DabDeity710


      @Toddler Naruto Rightfully so, I tortured him so bad. I forced him to watch every episode of the entirity of the first 2 seasons of Ren & Stimpy with me while I screamed every single line word for word right in his face through a megaphone. And let me tell you, no sir...he didn't like it