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.... has it been so long?

Celestial Yuna

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First on facebook, which brings me here... and it seems like a ghost town here, yet still so oddly familiar in it's lusterous glory.... how you doing Koby? Need any help?

I've been all over in different countries and cities on the net... seen and learned so many new and different things.. made friends more than ever now from all over, not just online here, but PS3, 360, and Wii..... more than you can ever imagine my dear friend... yet, I still come back here. Should tell you something. =)

What's up, what's going on, and how can I help as mind you, I use to once co-admin with you here and still love her oh so much. ^_^

~ CY

I'm back if you want me back here, Kobes. FYI, check ur FB.

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Lol,.. been here since 2005 my friend, but it was called Dark Fantasy at the time and I remember how Koby use to complain about how much it sounded more like a cheap porn name than a FF site. xD The place was only barely going on a year old at the time. Then she got changed to Forgotten Memories... then eventually merged with all his other forums. As you see, yes, I know a lot, but none the less.. a welcome is a welcome no matter what.. what's new or old or changed over the years.. last time I was on and I mean really on as in posting etc., was about three/four years ago or so if memory serves me well... so yeah thanks for the welcome and do tell. =)

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Ghost Town when you see how many of the past members remain, but not once you get bombarded by all the new and friendly members. =O

Well if your Nintendo Wii is hooked up to the net, maybe we can swap friend codes sometime if we have any games in common. Only friend code I have is ba11ard's from here as I don't know many people with Wii's and even less with it connected to the net. Only hooked mine up a few months back.

Lately though the only game I play is Phantasy Star Online - Blue Burst on my computer. It's free to download and play. You can find it in the gaming section under the Phantasy Star Online sub-forum if you want to check it out.

Welcome back to what is now known as Kametsu (has been since sometime in 2007-2008 I believe). So what do you think of what the place has become?

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@Empathy LOL.. ask Koby.. it was myself, him, and three other old members that use to RPG like hell back in the day!! xD

sometimes we confused ourselves of where we were posting to what roleplay... xD

But hell yeah.. I'll hook you up with my email and we can definately swap ideas and what not... I got a character or two that I'm just itching to bring back to life again. ^_^

@Koby Lol.. sure.. I still use the wii from time to time and I'll hook you up with my name, once I remember what it was... @.@

I'm more a PS3 junkie as of late.. Assassin's Creed ( if you remember my love for the assassins =D ) Infamous, Star Ocean International, Transformers: War for Cybertron.... man I love how I go and kick some major butt on that game and people are like.. OMFG!!! You're a girl?!!!! O_O xD

God of War III, Darksiders, just to name a few... oh and Little Big Planet.. Very cute game and wow... all the levels you can make. I can't wait for 2! but still Brotherhood all the way baby!!!! =D

360.. I think all I have is the FF13,.. linear a lot, but yeah... a good challenge in the battle system, still haven't beaten the game yet... wanting to try and max out all their weapons and crystals just for the hell of it. xD Pretty decent overall... storyline needs work.. but yeah.. you get the idea.. same ole, same ole for the FF line...... at least it's not FF7. O.o

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Yeah.. Dark Fantasy.. really.... no clue what was going on in Koby's head at that time, but omg the laughs we all shared about just the name around that time.. xD

Thanks random... I'd give you my psn and all, but I have to keep clearing it out daily just because I keep getting added somehow. O.o Oh and you can also find me on PSHome at times too lol.

And yes most definately I'd love to continue seeing how well this place has been going and what not.. it's been years after all. ^^

Battle arena... *groans* all I can say is.. don't bust a brain fuse. lol

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