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  1. Transformers war for cybertron... though the online part is endless xD
  2. Depends if you want a good cry or laugh, but yeah Naruto is good. Welcome to the fold little dude. 8)
  3. Lol, well thanks punner.. much appreciated. Like I said, I got a good wide variety of poetry.. if I can ever find it that is. =/ But you can be sure I'll post it up once I get it all together and in order.
  4. Would need to find it or try and come up with more when I have time... if I don't have my poetry up here anymore.. i'd need to find that too again. But sure
  5. Ok.. so yeah this is like REALLY old, but yes it is my work.. funny as hell, enjoy. This goes off a forum of Don Murphy who's one of the movie producers to transformers the movie and yeah well.. the usernames were used from there, but still.. if you know transformers.. you'll get the idea of which person acts like which bot.. etc. Might be cut and dry, but yeah.. anywho.. here you go. Oh and so you know.. I'm known there as Yunacron, so yeah, just so you all are not confused where I take part in this dialog and I'll also post of how this all got started up to begin with over there.. enjoy and feedback is always welcome. Ok, due to SAJse making this quote, I was inspired to do this, I hope you enjoy it and please tell me what you think after reading this. - Begin Dialogue - *News theme song breaks in as Yunacron is placing in an ear piece as she jumps into the anchor's chair and afixates some papers on the newsdesk accordinlly and gives a small cough and clears her throat. As she prepares to speak the announcer says, "Live, earthquacking, soundmaking, This is TF NEWS, now your host, Yunacron.* Yunacron: *looks up from the papers and stares at the red light on the camera* Announcer: Uh, Yunacron, we're on. Yunacron: Announcer: Yunacron... Yunacron, come on, we're live!!! Yunacron: *snaps out of her stage fright* Oh yes, yes, haha, sorry about that.. first day, *announcer points to her papers* Huh? Oh yes, yes, the news. Hi, I am Yunacron and this is Channel eighty-eight, eighty-six (8886) news, I'd like to introduce this week's guest co-anchor, Unicron, but he isn't here at the moment, *crashing and banging can be heard in the background as Yunacron quickly looks in the direction of the noise and back to the camera and nervously smiles* so let's press on. Ok, in today's news the story of Michael Jackson's trial has come to a complete shock to most of the world that he was proven innocent, but many of us wonder of just what exactlly some of the transfomers have to say about this, so we take you to where we caught up with some of them and asked them for their honest opinion. *cues for tape footage to roll* (At the Balleytron's Fitness Center) Yunacron: We are here at the world's famous Balleytron's Fitness Center where the Transformers come together to work out and play while taking a break from their daily routines of planning and attempting conquest as Decepticons normally do while the Autobots are out foiling their day by defending from the impending plots that they create. We are here to ask them of their opinions and feelings of what they think of the outcome of the Michael Jackson Trial, so let's go find out. ( In an aerobics room with Starscream doing yoga excercises.) Yunacron: Starsceam, we are here to ask some of you all of what it is that you think of the outcome of the Michael Jackson trial, care to give us some of your thoughts and feelings? Starscream: *Ahem* Sure, *moves from a frog position to a standing position and then bends forward to where his head touches the ground and takes his hands and brings them back behind him, palms togther* (For Visual: http://img44.echo.cx...3/yogap66dd.jpg ) I don't really have much to say but this, *screams to the top of his lungs still in his yoga position* HE SHOULD BE PUT AWAY SO THAT I CAN BECOME THE NEW KING OF POP AND TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!! Yunacron: Hmm,.. thank you for that unwanted insight. O.o (At an indoor basketball court where Prime and Megs are playing a little one on one while others are watching.) Yunacron: Do we have this camera rolling? We do? Good, *Calls out to Prime and Megs* Optimus, Megatron. Might we have a word with you for a moment please? *Prime slam dunks just on the opposite side of the court while Megs who was right behind him, trying to stop him, came to a sudden halt right under Prime when his name was called out* Prime: *looks from where he's hanging* Why sure! *Not taking notice of where Megs is, let's go of the net, falling right on top of Megatron causing them to both to fall hard into the ground, causing a loud, but low rumble and the court's walls and floor to shake badly...Yunacron is seen trying hard to keep her balance as she looks quickly to the camera man* Yunacron: Boy, do they know how to cause an earthquake. They're worse than Gyconi. O_O Megatron: Optimus Prime,.. you are an idiot!! Prime: Well watch where your standing next time. Knowing you, you're liable to have something drop on you, Megatron. (In the same court, but this time with Prime and Megs sitting down for the interview) Yunacron: *Smacks the cameraman* Turn on the camera, Luigi. We need to get this footage on tape. *Luigi turns on the camera* Now, Prime... Megs, the reason we called you over here is to ask you about what your feelings and thoughts are of the outcome of the Michael Jackson trial, we already heard from Starscream, now we'd like to know what you feel. Prime: Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Unfortunately, Michael Jackson does not qualify, so he should be in jail. I have no more to say. *gets up and walks off* Yunacron: .... Thank you Prime *turns to Megs* and you Megatron? Megatron: Typical of humans, allowing the guilty to go free... (All tv screens go to static and then change to live feed from Shockwave) Shockwave: <<Starscream! You must help me! Cybertron has been invaded... by Jacko.>> Starscream: Don't pretend to be so concerned, Shockwave *smirking* Shockwave: <<What are you implying?!>> Megatron: Drop the charade, Shockwave. Even I caught you watching that "One Eye for the Straight Guy" transmission... Prime: and we thought Arcee was bad. Spike: Alright, enough of that, Megatron, let's finish this. *spinning the basketball on his finger* Megatron: I would've waited an eternity for this! It's over, Spike. *spreads hands out and bends knees playing defense* Rumble: Hehehe... look at 'em go. You know what they say in Cybertropolis, "White bots can't jump". Yunacron: Umm... okay. Since they're playing, what do you have to say about the Jackson situation, Rumble? Rumble: It's pretty obvious.... first he cracked his skull, then he cracked his nuts insi-- Yunacron: OH-KAY! Let's get some Autobot opinions... *muttering* isn't there a single normal Transformer around here... *in a hopeful voice* ah, there's one. *mutters again* I hope. *whistles to the Autobot for attention* HEY! Arcee... might we have a word with you. Arcee: *Arcee holding pom poms in her hands watching the game... turns to look at Yunacron* Huh, oh sure. *walks over to Yunacron* What can I do for you? Yunacron: I would like to know what some of the Autobots think of the Jackson trial. Would you like to have anything to say? Arcee: *looking at the game and then starts to jump, shaking her pom poms* WHOO!!! GO HOTROD!!! MAKE THAT SHOT!! Huh? What was that again? *looks back at Yunacron* Yunacron: .... I would like to know what you think of the outcome of the Jackson trial. Arcee: *looking over at Daniel* DANIEL, YOU BETTER NOT BE DOING ANYTHING THAT WILL GET YOU INTO TROUBLE. I DON'T WANT TO SEE YOU GET HURT NOW... DO YOU HEAR ME? *looks back over to Yunacron* I'm sorry what was that again? Yunacron: *Sigh* I'd just like to.. Arcee: WHAT?!! YOU CAN NOT DO THAT TO HOTROD! HOW DARE YOU KNOCK HIM OVER LIKE THAT, DIRGE!! *Quickly looks over to Yunacron* Excuse me this will only take a second. Yunacron: Err,.. alright. Arcee: *Drops her pom poms and pulls out her missle launcher and aims it at Dirge.... everyone runs and jumps for cover * You'll pay for that!!! *Blasts missle in an arc towards Dirge who's standing in the middle of the court, back turned. Dirge turns around to see where everybody went and looks up to see the missle heading straight for him* NO ONE MESSES WITH MY HOTROD!! Dirge: *Fearfully shielding face with his hands* ARCEE, IT'S JUST A... KABOOM!!!!! *Everyone comes out of their hiding spots as the dust clears and looks to see a big black blast hole in the ground in the middle of the court* Bumblebee: *Raises his hands into the air* Ok as referee, this game is now officially over, Arcee went and messed up the court again. *Takes off running from Arcee while everyone else grumbles* HotRod: You just had to go and do that again, didn't you? Arcee: Well I don't like seeing you get hurt... I'm sorry. Prime: Way to go Arcee, you can't just watch a game, can you? I told you it wasn't a good idea to bring Arcee to the game, HotRod. *Starts walking off* Megatron: Arcee,.. you are an idiot!!!! *Mutters to self* I've got to think of better things to say. I think I'm getting too old for this. *Sighs and walks off* HotRod: But Prime, it's not my fault, she promised that she's changed. Yunacron: Umm, Arcee? Arcee: *Not hearing Yunacron* Yeah I did, I told you, I changed from a car to a motorcycle. How else did you want me to change? *HotRod looks at her and shakes his head in disbelief and takes off after Prime to talk to him* Drat, he's mad at me again. *Hears a boy cry out in slight pain from falling off the bleachers* DANIEL, DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO BE DOING ANYTHING THAT WILL GET YOU INTO TROUBLE! *stamps her foot in disgust* Ugh!!! I'm sorry Yunacron, but we'll have to do this later *Takes off after Daniel* Yunacron: *Turns to look at the camera with a raised eyebrow* I think we've have enough for now, don't you agree Luigi? Luigi? Lui... *Hears snoring* HEY LUIGI, LOOK, IT'S BOWSER!!! Luigi: *Snaps awake and throws a fireball at a dinosaur... realizes who he hit* O_O Grimlock: *Looks at himself of where he got scorched.... roars in anger* Me Grimlock, get puny cameraman!! Me make miniture totem pole for new addition to head collection. Yunacron: Uhh, yeah, I definately think that just about wraps it.... Luigi: OH SNAP!! *A scream is heard as the camera drops to the ground and only shows Yunacron's foot to the left of the camerashot, Grimlock's feet rushing from the right towards the camera and a pair of feet in plumber's shoes scuffling about in front of the camera and then taking off to the left* Mama mia!! (Static breaks in on the footage and Shockwave is televised live) Shockwave: <<Haha, that cameraman is as pathetic as Starscream.>> Starscream: YOU WATCH FOR I'LL RULE OVER YOU ONE DAY!!! Shockwave: <<Sure, keep dreaming.>> Megatron: Shockwave, Starscream, you are both idiots!!!! Daniel: Megatron, get some new lines. *Shakes his head as he watches Megs hang his head in shame* Shockwave: << *Begins to get upset like a girl* If I had the ability to cry, I would be doing so right now. *inhales deeply* That really hurt Megatron. *Makes sniffing noises* Why did you say that?>> Starscream: Oh get use to it, he says that to me all the time. Megatron: Because you are. You've been acting too much like Starscream lately. *Prime gives Megs a look and Megs goes back to hanging his head in shame again* At least it's a different line. *Dances a small victory dance as everyone else rolls their eyes at him* Starscream: i SHALL BE THE NEW LEADER OF THE DECEPTICONS!! Bumblebee: Oh, get a life Starscream. *Takes off running* Starscream: ARGH!!!! ONE DAY YOU POOR EXCUSE FOR A BEETLE!! Shockwave: <<*Makes a horrifying gasp* How dare you say that, Megatron! *More sniffing noises and points to someplace offscreen* This is so unfair. I will be in my room if anyone needs me. *Storms off from camera view* >> Starscream: Well I need him... TO DIE, SO I CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! Spike: Oh brother. (Back at the news room.) Yunacron: Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen,... the latest news, the first news straight to you from all of us here at the Transformersnews Channel. We are hoping to get for our next guest co-anchor, Metroplex, a one on one interview with Wreck-Gar and his thoughts on today's television shows of the Transformers, as well as get a exclusive look with Starscream and Shockwave and how they are able to live knowing that they act just like each other. Shockwave: << I resent that remark! *sighs heavily* >> Starscream: Same here, I WILL BECOME THE NEW ANCHORMAN!!! Yunacron: *Rolls her eyes as she pulls out a ball* Oh here look Starscream, a ball of destruction, it's you'rs if you can get it. GO FETCH!! *Throws the ball towards an open door that leads to stairs going down* Starscream: *Chases after the ball* I SHALL RULE THE WORLD WITH THAT BALL OF DESTRUCTION. *Runs down the stairs after the ball* Yunacron: *Raises an eyebrow as she watches Starscream running after the ball* Uhh yeah, sure... okay! *looks back at the camera and smiles brightly* Well that is all for now..this is Yunacron for Channel 8886,..TF News... my guest co-anchor would be saying goodnight as well but he seems to be busy at the moment running around the studio. *Screams of anger and crashing of equipment going on in the background* It looks as though he is running from some Fat Guy called Gyconi. *Someone in the background cries out in terror* Unicron: I told you, I never run!!! I just dodge Gyconi's *Lightbulbs scatter in the background while a chomping noise is heard... Unicron grunts for a brief moment* giant bites! How many times must I tell you that!! *Big crash heard* I told you Gyconi, I'm not an ferrero rocher!! *More crashing is heard and Unicron is heard screaming like a girl* Gyconi: Get back over here, I need to sprinkle these nuts on you so I can eat you the proper way, you oversized chocolate ball!! Yunacron: ..... Right, well anywho,.. until next time, this is Yunacron, signing off and wishing you all a good *more crashing and screaming is heard as she looks in the direction of the sound and looks back at the camera* rather make that... a safe night. Goodnight. *waves as the news credits displays indicating the ned of the news brief* - End Dialogue - This is all for now, so tell me what you all think... too much? If you have any suggestions that would be good for the next news brief, please by all means let me know about it so I can do more of these, I plan to do these at least once a week, granted if there is alot of people that like this first one. So please let me know. Thanks, - Yunacron
  6. Very nice.. now I want to find some of my work I use to do.... also my poetry lol. stop inspiring me guys. xP
  7. Yeah.. Dark Fantasy.. really.... no clue what was going on in Koby's head at that time, but omg the laughs we all shared about just the name around that time.. xD Thanks random... I'd give you my psn and all, but I have to keep clearing it out daily just because I keep getting added somehow. O.o Oh and you can also find me on PSHome at times too lol. And yes most definately I'd love to continue seeing how well this place has been going and what not.. it's been years after all. ^^ Battle arena... *groans* all I can say is.. don't bust a brain fuse. lol
  8. @Empathy LOL.. ask Koby.. it was myself, him, and three other old members that use to RPG like hell back in the day!! xD sometimes we confused ourselves of where we were posting to what roleplay... xD But hell yeah.. I'll hook you up with my email and we can definately swap ideas and what not... I got a character or two that I'm just itching to bring back to life again. @Koby Lol.. sure.. I still use the wii from time to time and I'll hook you up with my name, once I remember what it was... @[email protected] I'm more a PS3 junkie as of late.. Assassin's Creed ( if you remember my love for the assassins =D ) Infamous, Star Ocean International, Transformers: War for Cybertron.... man I love how I go and kick some major butt on that game and people are like.. OMFG!!! You're a girl?!!!! O_O xD God of War III, Darksiders, just to name a few... oh and Little Big Planet.. Very cute game and wow... all the levels you can make. I can't wait for 2! but still Brotherhood all the way baby!!!! =D 360.. I think all I have is the FF13,.. linear a lot, but yeah... a good challenge in the battle system, still haven't beaten the game yet... wanting to try and max out all their weapons and crystals just for the hell of it. xD Pretty decent overall... storyline needs work.. but yeah.. you get the idea.. same ole, same ole for the FF line...... at least it's not FF7. O.o
  9. The blu ray isn't at it's full potential even with the highest graded TV's that are out there.. for some odd reason the PS3 still has a hard time keeping up with it. LOL but it's eventually getting to where it's doing a lot better from what it did when it first started.. but yeah... 1080p HDMI.......... NIIIIIIIIIIIICE =D I'm playing a game, but it's like watching a Movie! O_O *drools and faints* I'm in heaven. xD
  10. Lol.. well done Raz.. well done. I remember when I use to type things up like this over at a transformers forum... pple would crack up.. if I can find some, I'll share it with you all one day, too. ^^
  11. Well really it all depends on what you're wanting to do.. Wii is for the family/casual gamer, naturally, 360 are your more comfort/casual to slightly aggressive players, but also it does dab in everything else that PC games offer too, such like Sherlock Holmes PC games can now be played on the 360 O_O Then there is the PS3... more hardcore games, but the oh so great ones too by name and popularity... not to mention PSHome.. omg.. that place is addicting. Yes, I'll admit.. I'm a bit of a PSH junkie.. got already a US account and UK account.. getting ready to set myself up with a JP account cuz I have a few friends I "troll" with there and hell... all I can say is WOW... pretty *_*
  12. Lol,.. been here since 2005 my friend, but it was called Dark Fantasy at the time and I remember how Koby use to complain about how much it sounded more like a cheap porn name than a FF site. xD The place was only barely going on a year old at the time. Then she got changed to Forgotten Memories... then eventually merged with all his other forums. As you see, yes, I know a lot, but none the less.. a welcome is a welcome no matter what.. what's new or old or changed over the years.. last time I was on and I mean really on as in posting etc., was about three/four years ago or so if memory serves me well... so yeah thanks for the welcome and do tell. =)
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