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  1. Happy Valentines Empy!

  2. sure, punt them this way, i will give them a read =)

  3. well theres at least 3 chapters i know of, one being Krogoth's, one concerning Icarus and one big one around Renzourin. Which leads to a huge climax which hopefully will be soon however....only time will tell if anyone gets to know if Megara gets a happy ending

  4. just read them empy! looking really good...how many more have you got to come? cause it seems to building up to a climax... :P

  5. Hey Mae Mae. I need an opinion on these chapters? If I punt them your way can you give them a quick glance over?

  6. Can I use your name in this story I'm writing?

  7. Hey do you want me to send you the next two chapters I've written?

  8. Aww why not? I have been reading, just have not had the time to comment =S

  9. Intresting...very interesting
  10. Chapter 21 is up, I do not think ill be writing anymore

  11. As stated earlier this will be the last chapter I shall be posting here due to lack of interest. This chapter is dedicated to Mae and Renzourin. Chapter 21 The moonlight shone off Slash’s hair making it look sliver. Megara’s eyes went darker with the potent anger that bubbled inside her. He was the cause od all this and how dare he insult her by giving her the choice between her friend and her duty! Slash just smiled. His pitiless eyes stared at her as the book was under his arm. Icarus knelt before his master his head lowered in reverence. The only sound was from the blood dripping from her fingertips. “What do you think of my pet, my Queen?” his voice purred like a well fed cat. “I am no ones Queen!” Megara felt her rage burning through her veins like her hunger, it made her mouth dry as her eyes flickered between dark violet and red. Damn she thought, I need to feed soon. “Ah! The true curse of your destiny!” Slash laughed as he knelt down stroking along Icarus’ stubbed cheek. “The last of the pure blood vampires, the heir to the royal line, witness and only survivor of the brutal attack that wiped out your clan. Yet you can barely fight let alone save the only man who holds any feeling for you.” Slash was mocking her weakness. It was true though. How could she be called a Firstblood and yet not be able to save herself or Icarus from their fate? Do not let him win! Do not doubt yourself now! Something inside her roared with vengeance as her hand gripped the hilt of Avevum tighter. Her parents fought till their last breath and so would she. “I refuse to let you win!” She roared as her legs charged towards the platinum blonde male, who had haunted her dreams for what seemed an eternity. The faces of her family flashed before her eyes. Her father. Her mother. Her siblings. Icarus. Swinging her blade down, towards Slash’s head. Icarus brought his scythe up to block the deadly blow, locking it around Avevum. “You shall not harm my Master” he barely whispered. “He will destroy us Icarus! Including you!” Wake up!” her voice edged with hysteria as tears lanced down her pale cheeks. Icarus pulled his blade away sending Avevum sliding across the rooftop. Icarus’ empty stare meeting hers. “This ends tonight Megara!” Rest in peace. My lover!” his voice soft as he brought the curved blade across her neck.Icarus meeting Megara on the rooftops. “Not before you brother!” a heavily accented male spoke as a dark green blade pierced from the back of Icarus.
  12. Please read this story! I'm getting more and more tempted to stop posted here, because I'm getting no feedback. I will post chapter 21 but after that I might give up.
  13. chapter 20 is up. ^_^ enjoy

  14. chapter 18, 19 and 20 are up have fun!

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