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One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

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well, actually the two of them are nearly identical.

despite the huge difference in the stories,you can easily match between the characters of each of them.

like natsu-luffy , nami-lucy , .........

i mean even the names kinda match!!!

dont u think so?

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i would really choose fairy tail cause of their awesomeness

but fact is luffy vs natsu, luffy is gonna come out alive cause HIS DAMN RUBBER T.T

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Monkey D. Luffy vs. Natsu Dragneel - Natsu doesn't even have a chance. Especially after the time skip.

Roanoa Zoro vs. Erza Scarlet - Erza can call all these different weapon and armor, but can barely use them. Not even a challenge for Zoro with one sword.

Sanji vs. Gray Fullbuster - Providing Gray can get Sanji to hold still long enough to freez him, and, provided he can stop Sanji from using his Diable Jamble (Spelling?); Gray might stand a chance.

Usopp vs. Max Alors - Usopp would kill this dude even before the time skip.

Franky vs. Gajeel Redfox - This one is tough because we haven't seen everything Franky can do sence th time skipt. But, with out spoiling it for some one, I gonna go with Franky because I'm reading the manga.

Nico Robin vs. Ultear Milkovich - Robin, mostly because I don't know a whole hell of alot aout Milkovich.

Who's sexier:

Nami vs. Lucy Heartfilia - Nami, mostly because she is drawn with the purpose of having sex appeal and Lucy reminds me of a teenager from the 80's.

Who's more adorable:

Tony Tony Chopper vs. Happy - I'm going with chopper mostly because of the fact that he doesn't take complements well and it cracks be up when he cusses people while blushing.

Who's more annoying?:

Vivi vs. Mirajane - I'm going to go with Vivi. Got tired of her higher than thou attitude and all her crying.

I guess I have more faith in the Straw Hats all the way around; even moist annoying, lol.

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I think at this moment, after having read the manga of both series to the latest point, it's a landslide victory for the Straw Hats in terms of battle.

For one thing, I'll say it flat out right now that I'm not much impressed by the fights in Fairy Tail anymore. Sure, at the beginning, they used to be innovative and fun but now, in some of the newer arcs, it's become sort of a card game.

Natsu uses his ability while the enemy uses his or hers and the end result is determined by some "behind-the-scene-dice-roll" after which the loser falls to the ground and goes - "Impossible! My best technique failed!" and I wonder why they don't try using their technique in a different manner and adapt on the battlefield itself.

Instead, the loser goes on to have the snot kicked outta him/her until backup arrives. This process repeats until the main character viz. Natsu defeats the biggest boss of the arc before going back to celebrate.

Now, it's not that it makes it boring. There are some good dramatic scenes that happen in these times but by god, these guys need to start innovating a bit here.

Now, in One Piece, there have been many times when Luffy or Zoro or any of the Straw Hats have gotten caught in a trap, usually related to their weakness like Luffy being unable to swim in water, Zoro getting lost in the middle of a fight and Sanji having to fight a woman.

Hell, even Nami, the weakest link the crew had to fight for her life once. The first actual fight she had and she almost got killed.

But the common thing in all this is that very rarely did ONE singular over powered person come to rescue them. MOST of the time, they faced their fears, evolved on the spot, developed new techniques and took advantage of their opponent's weakness to level the battlefield.

One Piece Spoiler Episode 300 -

Luffy's battle with Rob Lucci to this date remains one of the most evenly placed and epic battles I have ever seen. In the 200 episodes since, that kind of EPIC villain battle hasn't happened yet. One on one, with just the skills at your disposal.

There's also the fact to consider that in One Piece, there's been a two year timeskip in which all Straw Hats have become exponentially more powerful. To show their difference in power, consider this -

There was an enemy that all 10 Straw Hats couldn't defeat 2 years ago.

After the time skip, Luffy took it down with one punch, Zoro with one cut and Sanji with one kick.

Sanji can pretty much turn his leg on fire, making his match with Gray sort of a Fire v. Ice, but Sanji just has way too much strength. He kicked a legendary Sea Monster into obedience just for the heck of it!

As for Zoro, he cut up a ship, a whole ship, a gigantic one filled with brutal New World pirates by himself and ONE sword. Keep in mind, people. This guy uses THREE of these at the same time.

Usopp, who was pretty weak pre-time-skip now has a bigger and more dangerous arsenal of weapons with him. DON'T take him lightly post-time-skip.

It'll be too much detail and the risk of spoilers to go into detail about each character but I really really can't see ANY of the Fairy Tail characters win if they every pissed off the Straw Hats or vice versa.

Except for the Vivi versus Mirajane battle. Mira would win that. I mean, she's an S grade wizard, same rank as Erza after all whil Vivi's just a princess. Though a pretty awesome one. Vivi's had far more screen time and she's made damn good use of it, earning several votes in popularity by the fan base.

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