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  1. 03/19/2019 One Piece: Episode of Sabo BD/DVD source: https://www.english-dubbed.com/knowledge-bazaar/upcoming-english-dubbed-release-dates/
  2. Insecure password warning in Firefox 51 :( https?

  3. i lost my death note :<

  4. Re: Kabuto...could be as simple he had suspicions and decided to see what would happen if he tried to summon the real Madara Uchiha. Once that worked, it confirmed for him that Tobi was not Madara. If what u r saying is true (kabuto is not sure about tobi as obito) then how he threaten tobi by summoning a grave (most probably rins ) ?
  5. hehe so madara was the one who saved obito that means he probably brain washed obito using his sharigan :3 I think obito story will end same as nagato . I am still wondering how kabuto knows about obito ???
  6. I am bored from anime and games. I will study now onwards :)

  7. How the hell Madara knows Obito ? I think Kabuto knows everything or may be Orochimaru . Is Sasuke able to revive Orochimaru or Kabuto will be back ? why the hell Killerbee is not shown from past two chapters?
  8. lol idk what was name of madara's brother so i just searched it and look what i found http://i1059.photobucket.com/albums/t434/letmelogin01/OTHER%20PNG/f5a77a5e.jpg
  9. rofl i agree thats why my second guess is madara's younger brother and i hope i am right
  10. +2=518 last time when i posted the number was 914 and now 516 O_o
  11. well it sounds crazy but now i think tobi is madara's younger brother, just a guess so don't get mad on me guys
  12. lol if tobi is rin then why he sound like a man ? I dont believe that any woman will try to kill a little baby (Naruto).
  13. Prototype 2 is awesome (^o^)

  14. yup maybe he is obito and he used this technique to save himself when his right half was crushed
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