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  1. kidsasuke

    One Piece vs. Fairy Tail

    I really can't decied which one i like better. They're both such great animes
  2. kidsasuke

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    Naruto Shippuden collection 2 Clannad season 1 Bleach season 3 collect: The rescue
  3. kidsasuke

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    Recently just brought Code Geass season 2 ($75 Aus) Also if anyone can help me, what are some good sites for anime that I can buy DVD region 4's (Australia) from?
  4. kidsasuke

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    Code Geass Lelouch of the rebellion Season 1 and Naruto Shippuden Bonds
  5. kidsasuke

    Chap 566

    For backup and to help them with numbers, it was 7 tailed beast and Tobi verse Naruto and Killer Bee before Kakashi and Guy showed up.
  6. kidsasuke

    Ichigo's Dad

    I would love to get some background on Ichigo's Dad, it seems like it will be quite an interesting story. So many questions about him. I hope we get more information about him soon, since they are bring him into the story now in the latest anime arc.
  7. kidsasuke


    Hey everyone I recently just signed up to your forums and are enjoying the topics in the anime and manga section Looks like a great website you guys got here lots of anime downloads and discussion going on. Can't wait till i can start enjoying some of those anime downloads. Some of the Anime i like are: Naruto Bleach One Piece Clannad Air Gear YuGiOh! etc
  8. kidsasuke

    Captain Ukitake

    I've only been watching the anime, but from what you're saying he seems bad Now i want to know what he did to the soul badge.
  9. kidsasuke


    Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  10. kidsasuke

    Team Minato vs. Team Kakashi

    Yeah, it would really depends on Team Minato's age. Overall power would be pretty close even with the nine tails. But i think if Minato's team was older they would have the speed advantage.
  11. kidsasuke

    Which is your favorite Sasuke Or Itachi?

    Itachi is better he did everything to protect the villiage and care for his little brother Sasuke
  12. I really want another season of Air Gear, loving the OVA's though. Also anyone know if there is a 4th OVA coming out? or was the 3rd one the last one?
  13. Sakura from Naruto Ringo and Simca from Air gear Tomoyo From clannad Orihime inoue and Mastumoto from Bleach Lighting from final fantasy
  14. kidsasuke

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I'm reading Naruto and loving it.
  15. kidsasuke

    Who is stronger Sasuke or Kakashi? (in Shippudden)

    Sasuke is stronger than Kakashi, Sasuke's eye's have developed a great deal to Kakashi's. The new generation is surpassing the old.
  16. kidsasuke

    Dragonball Ultimate Tenkaichi DON'T BOTHER

    Sadly i have to agree with everyone it's not worth the money. I Preorded mine and was disappointed. It's a game of chance not skill anymore.
  17. kidsasuke

    Captain Ukitake

    I really want to see him fight seriously, I really wonder what his Bankai is like. Maybe we'll see him fight in the latest arc
  18. kidsasuke

    What do you think made Minato Namikaze so formidable?

    ^+1 That about sums it all up
  19. kidsasuke

    Sasuke or Naruto who fight Madara/Kabuto ?

    Naruto and Sasuke team up i'll be happy to see that
  20. kidsasuke

    sakura's worthy lover

    Naruto/Lee can't really choose, Hinata and Naruto would make a good couple but i don't know D: It still seems that Naruto would do anything for Sakura's sake. Naruto did go nine tails on pain when Hinata got hurt as well though.