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  1. As do I. As much as the show is about Naruto's quest ot become Hokage, I still believe that someone else should hold the title first. He needs to mature more and level up IQ wise before leading a whole village.
  2. I agree, there are far too many other more qualified ninja than Sakura to take over. Even if there were to be a Hokage between Tsunade and Naruto, I would imagine it being Kakashi before all else. He already had the support of the other Kage.
  3. Looks to me like they just got to the half way mark, lol.
  4. I think this could be one of the strongest reasons for Jimbe not to join, unless his promise to Ace is that reason. I would love to see hime join the crew though, I think if he did, it wouldn't be till they've been in the New World for a decent amount of time and have added at least one more member before hand. But I do think there are reasons for him to join, as far as crew dynamics. I don't remember who said this in an earlier post, but it was mentioned that once Jimbe joins the crew they would no longer be considered rookies. I do agree with this, but counter this point with the fact that they can't be rookies forever. Jimbe adds several quality aspects to the crew. First of all, I think the addition of a fishman would be a filled need. Though they can do this without it being Jimbe, (spoiler) he has already been asked in the manga. Even though he did turn them down, it was kind of suggested that he might catch up to them later. Secondly, where is the true hand to hand specialist of the crew? Yeah, there are characters who can fight without a weapon, but Luffy is a rubberman and everything he does is based on his devil fruit. Sanji is primarily the cook, and, as bad ass as he is, his fighting style is based on kicks. Usopp is the sniper. Franky is a cyborg who is full of gadgets... etc. Thirdly, I don't think Jimbe's nature will inhibit Luffy's ability to be a goof ball and go off on half cocked quest to get the next dinosaure he sees to join the crew. And finally, to go back to something i stated earlier, Jimbe would add a whole other level of credibility to the crew and they could use an older character to even the crew out a little more. In my opinion, in order for Luffy and a bunch of the others to truely achieve thier goals, they are going to have to grow up to a certain extent. But, then again, he could just be that character that is always around at random times but never truely joins as a full blown member.
  5. Asce

    One Piece

    More oxygen to the muscles faster. This of course is just my line of reasoning, but it could be a decent reason. Not to mention it is an anime and there are times when you just have to take it with a grain of salt, especially One Piece. Honestly, they have a cola powered ship built by a cola powered cyborg, lol. Just another reason why I like it so much.
  6. Asce

    One Piece

    I would much rather see Jimbe catch up to them later on and join. I agree that ... Besides, Zorro is the true swordsman of the crew and he is enough. Even though Brooks main form of combat is the sword, his primary role on the crew is as the musician.
  7. Vol. 58 Ch. 642 is where the anime is compared to the manga.
  8. Been away for a while (new job),but I finally had a chance to finish reading; good story with a good ending. Though I found myself pulling for her, happy endings are over rated sometimes and unrealistic.
  9. Asce

    One Piece

    Two good choices. But, I like the idea of being able to heal. Makes you wonder though, would a person who eats a healing fruit possibly be able to live forever?
  10. Crown and Coke. Do you get beer goggles?
  11. Not yet, but I'm also the type to wait for it to come out on Blue Ray. Who was the better joker, Jack or Heath?
  12. I'm like a reed in the wind. Do you take advice or learn the hard way?
  13. I'm with you, for the most part, but I once felt the same way about Bleach once; and Bleach eventually did get old on me. So far Naruto and One Piece have managed to avoid the same fate with me, even though One Piece came close of a couple of occations.
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