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  1. Even tho I play both, Overwatch is better, and Paladins is a ripoff, but a decent free alternative.
  2. Quick update:

    1. I'm currently working again.

    2. During my vacation, my one 5tb hard drive decided to crash, so everything that was on it is stuck til I can get it sent to a Data Recovery Center. Recovered some stuff already so won't be as expensive ($200 flat rate for 2tb or lower of data). But had some of the encodes I was working on.

    3. Bought another 5TB, so I guess I'll be starting from scratch with what ever I didn't backup yet on a Blu-Ray disc.

  3. RIP George Romero

  4. Crono Flash Presents: Titan Maximum Description: Drafted from the solar system's best and brightest young people, Titan Force Five once defended the capital of Saturn's moon Titan using the heavily armed Mecha Titan Maximum. However, the team was disbanded due to budget cuts after a series of escalating incidents caused by Titan Force Five. Two years later, after the team members have long separated and gone to ground in civilian jobs, and one of former teammates returns as a villain who wants to conquer the Solar System with an army of monsters. File Details: Format: MKV Video: H264 Audio: AAC 5.1, along with AAC 2.0 for commentary tracks and the redub of Episode 4 all with 192 bitrates at 48.0 kHz Subtitles: English, and CC English Resolution: 720x480p Size: 101-268mb Quality: DVDRip Servers: MEGA Link: https://mega.nz/#F!a0ByiZQa!0xIunfMh9eHWYWhl5qXv5g Decided to work on this since we lack a lot of adult swim content.
  5. I'm not requesting, but seeing if anyone would like this? I finally got a Blu-Ray Drive and want to finally do a Blu-Ray Release.
  6. *Zim voice* Yeeessssss!
  7. At least I don't mind the filler in One Piece, then again I still need to catch up, I'm still at the end of Dressrosa
  8. I'm looking to start up a 3D collection before I grab a VR headset. Any movies will do. I'm surprised we don't have a forum for 3D versions yet to be honest. Would be nice. Anything in MKV would do.
  9. Thank you soooo much Koby
  10. I'm having trouble finding tutorials on making styled Subtitles (SSA/ASS). Specifically, karaoke like ones seen on must fansubs (With kanji and changing color for syllables), or making ones similar used in this release of Pokemon Origins with complete overlay for the game menu parts (https://bakabt.me/torrent/183127/pocket-monsters-the-origin-pok-mon-origins-bd-1080p-bxyhxyh) Is anyone able to help? Planning on adding my own custom karaoke subs to future releases, without making them hardsubbed.
  11. Anyone know if it's possible to remove the drm from vudu downloads? Or if there's a why to force hdx downloads on pc?
  12. I tested it with all my video downloaders, seems like it might be dual-secured (Country to Country along with some other area detector). Even when I move proxies and vpn around, I can't get it to trigger. Then again I'm not a expert on this, so hopefully someone else might know what's actually happening.
  13. That would seem to be an internal issue from Youtube JP if I had to guess. Can you provide me a example link for testing?
  14. No problem. Let know if it does help so I can make sure to remember the info.
  15. Give this site a try. Helps me when downloading stuff when it's blocked. http://9xbuddy.com/