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  1. CronoFlash

    Ripping Subs from VRV?

    Appearently DD2000 got removed before I had time to rip the missing subs, but did have to do Guts. Tried your method and it worked. Thank you
  2. CronoFlash

    3D Blu-Ray Burn?

    I might end up doing that. Was trying not to have to rebuy zootopia, bought bundle from amazon before I realized Target had the 3D bundle.
  3. CronoFlash

    3D Blu-Ray Burn?

    Not sure if this is the right section, or if possible. Does anyone know a way to burn 3D videos (side-by-side) to a blu-ray so a blu-ray player (my case PS4 VR) can read them, and display them in 3D. I've tried a blu-ray already, and got bad results. It displayed them the way I'd see them on my computer. I tried the same video files via USB, and they displayed in 3D. Anyone know how?
  4. CronoFlash

    Ripping Subs from VRV?

    Ok. Here this. When I grabbed my first 2 series off vrv, subs got extracted from the video files I downloaded. When I started doing Double Dare 2000, some episodes didn't have the subs. I tried redownloading them, and still no subs. Trying to see if anyone knows a way to just rip the subs for the site, or to help me figure out and see if there's another program to rip subs? Details: Using FVD for ripping using ccextractor for extracting subs to .srt (they're avc type) any ideas? **update** Tuneskit subs extract doesn't work with the files.
  5. CronoFlash

    Adventure Time final episode today.

    It was awesome. Even has a custom opening for the special. Refs a lot of past episodes. They even did a thank you bumper after the episode to the fandom for the 10 years.
  6. Fare well Fin and Jake. Your adventures will be missed.

    1. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      Agreed I will be super sad while watching the series finale...still waiting for someone to share an AMZN/iTunes WEB-DL.

    2. OMGosh!


      Come along with me...

  7. CronoFlash

    Ripping From VRV

    Thank you. I think I figured out my problem. It was the m3u8. I was using flash video downloader to get link. Thank you.
  8. CronoFlash

    Ripping From VRV

    By chance can you ask them for me about how they rip with FFmpeg? Been trying, and can't seem to get it to download with vrv.
  9. CronoFlash

    Ripping From VRV

    Thanks @GideonWrath, glad someone uploaded that awesome series. By chance, how do you rip stuff off of there yourself?
  10. CronoFlash

    Ripping From VRV

    Anyone had luck ripping from VRV yet? Been trying to use Video Download Helper, but files download wonky. Would like to release HarmonQuest here, but cant seem to find a reliable method.
  11. CronoFlash

    Splitting in MeGui

    I recently started using MeGui again so I could do better encoding with my BluRays. My main problem I'm having is splitting my video from one long mkv with all episodes to multiple single episodes. Anyone know how to do this in megui, or another program to do it after enocding thru MeGui?
  12. I see you really liked my MLPFiM Release

    1. moszter


      yes, basically it's probably the only one on the site

    2. CronoFlash


      I know there was a few Equestria Girl movie releases on here at some point, but yeah mine has been the only FiM post to my knowledge. Will also be adding the movie once I get it in the mail. Hopefully the digital has an option for iTunes redemption.

  13. Happy Holidays Everyone!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. CronoFlash


      Other then a hospital visit last night, it went swell.

    3. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      Happy Holidays to you as well :)!

    4. DRX
  14. Since I just found out about Tooncore, I figured I suggest something to the staff of Kametsu, if it's ok? Is there a way to add a locked content feature for users with uploaders or higher status? Like a user most have this many posts total to again access? Seeing that Tooncore was also uploading in the VIP section too, I think one of those releases got stolen too. If not, I totally understand.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ramensama92


      Good idea, but I doubt it would change anything. :/
      If they don't feel guilty breaking the personal agreement, nothing can stop them from doing so. 

    3. Tooncore


      I encourage peeps to download and share. It's the sharing of links that kills my accounts and ability to keep sharing.


      No longer can I use MEGA so I will be seeking an appropriate solution in the year.





      P.S. Christmas Cartoon thread is good to go again!

    4. Catar


      Generally we'd like to have sharing open to all. The one-post requirement is simply to prevent some abuses and automatic scraping by bots. The VIP section was added to try and deter some of the link-stealing, but ideally we'd prefer we didn't have to do so. Another layer of protection will only fragment the community more. 


      In the future, please use the Feedback & Assistance board for any meta topics (i.e. topics concerning Kametsu itself). Status updates are by far one of the worst ways to get ahold of staff, since we'll only notice them if they're in the five most recent status updates.



  15. I'm trying my hand at 10-bit encoding my Blu-Ray rips, and was wondering how my first attempt is:

    1. Scyrous


      I can't really judge without knowing what kind of quality you're aiming for, but I would recommend looking into x264 settings. Using a different x264 build would probably help too.


      For Hunter x Hunter you are probably better off sticking with negative delock values. -1:-1 or -2:-2, something like that. Subme could be bumped to 9-11. me_range=32 is another common setting as well. Definitely change the amount of bframes too. 9 or 16 would be an improvement.


      Probably the biggest factor is the CRF value. 20 is much too high, especially for a normal BD source like Hunter x Hunter. Really the only times you'll be needing high CRF values is when the source material has insane amounts of dynamic grain (Jormungand, for example). But in this case I would recommend 16 or 17. I'm seeing quite a bit of detail loss and artifacting during fade ins/outs and even during normal scenes. Try comparing your encode with Coalgirls' results and go from there.


      Note: these are all guidelines. I have never encoded Hunter x Hunter before so I'm just stating general tips here. I recommend you check out eXmendiC's guide if you want to get more familiar with filtering and x264 settings.