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  1. Bloodstained Ritual of the Night is quite great. I'm about 8 hours in and it feels very much like a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night with feeling like it's retreading. I'm very happy with it.
  2. Cadence of Hyrule is wonderful. I highly recommend it.
  3. I'm currently replaying it. Midgar is the first 10 hours of a 60-90 game. A lot of that time post Midgar is traveling the world, first in a linear fashion and then once you get the Highwind, almost the entire map is open to you. So they either need to make everything linear, remove some of the stuff like Chocobo farming and the ability to get to the secret stuff with the gold Chocobo. I'm just not sure how they would break the game up post Midgar with out making it extremely linear, no grinding and remove a lot of the optional charm that the game had. Either way, I'll be here playing what ever they release because I'm curious and love the original.
  4. Yeah it seems even they don't know how many parts, it needs to be two. I just can't see how they would divide up the game post Midgar. I think it looks really great and I'm excited to try it out. Being Square, my expectations are at zero.
  5. I discovered the Remako HD mod for FF7 so I installed that and the battle animations mod about a week ago and have been replaying that. The game is so ridiculous, so much stuff I forgot about. I love it. The music brings back so many memories. The mod makes the game look quite beautiful for being pre-rendered backgrounds. Big props to the mod developer/s.
  6. I finished Katana Zero, it was excellent, highly recommended. I was given a key to Dark Devotion and boy am I glad I didn't buy it. This is the third game I played that's a 2D Dark Souls rip off and while I always love the sprite work I just don't think the combat translates well to the 2D realm. I played maybe 2 hours and I just don't want to play any more, I'll probably keep going a bit farther as I heard the bosses are some of the best parts of the game and I'd like to see a few. I did end up finishing the main campaign of Celeste and now I have the B-sides to work on but I need a break from the relentless platforming. I'm back into Enter the Gungeon with it's final update. I played it mostly on my Switch last year but have a copy on my PC so I decided to get my PC version up to date with unlocks, so I spent the last two weeks building the bullet to kill the past, killing the past for the 4 main characters, unlocking the Robot, Bullet and Paradox. Beat the past of the Robot and Bullet. Now I'm working on getting to the Rat (need one more clue that's only dropped from mimics) and beating the R&G floor. After I complete those it's time to work on unlocking the Gunslinger which I feel like is going to take forever as you need to beat the Lich as the Paradox first then it starts you in a second run as the Gunslinger who you have to kill a double Lich fight with to unlock. And finally I picked up the Spider Man game on PS4, it's a lot of fun, the swinging mechanic is awesome, story seems half way decent so far and the collectible stuff doesn't feel as awful as some other open world games, although there is an awful lot of it. It's saving grace is you can travel so fast by webslinging you are where you want to be with in a few minutes even if it's on the other side of the city.
  7. I'll probably buy it when it comes out. It's been in development for what feels like ever. Although I may wait on reviews before I plop down full price on it.
  8. Finished Sekiro. The final boss is incredible. Loved the game, it may be my second favorite FromSoft game behind Bloodborne. Now I'm going back to finish Celeste.
  9. It's a really good looking game. My brother picked up it up cheap and loves playing it. I tried a few rounds and it's quite fun even though I'm trash at shooting games.
  10. Sekiro is kicking my ass and I'm having a blast playing it. A lot of salty people out there shitting all over the game. It's tough, I'd equate it to Ninja Gaiden Black. I feel bad for all the early reviewers/streamers who don't have an easy mode to play on so they can rush the game and get their views. I struggled a lot in the first 5-7 hours trying to get Souls and Bloodborne combat out of my system. You can't play it the same way even though you want to.
  11. That was an embarrassing presentation. So much time spent on the "4K remaster of BL 1/2/prequel" that no one really cared about, then a card game that no one cared about followed by an awful magic trick that involved counting to 50....twice.... to the fact that they didn't do a dry run, couldn't get the 4K video to play with out stuttering frame rate, they played through the BL3 trailer at the bad frame rate, then Randy started being a dick to the PAX people saying they were shit at their job (he got booed for this from the crowd) then finally after like 4 false starts they played the BL3 trailer at the correct frame rate. The game looks fun, I just fear they will have lots and lots of loot boxes here that are "pay real money for a chance at the actual good weapons"
  12. I beat the game over the weekend. I really loved it. I then farmed 11 million orbs to unlock all the skills (I'm not kidding here, there is a taunt for each character that costs 3 million orbs). Funny thing is that it only took me a few hours to get that many orbs. I then went through Human mode to get the remaining Secret Missions, Purple and Blue Orb Fragments. I did pretty well on my first time through the game I missed 3 secret missions, 3 purple orb and 4 blue orbs fragments. I am now going through Son of Sparda mode and I'm having a blast. I actually got my ass kicked on the first level with Dante, I was being way too cocky and thought I could just muscle my way through a group of enemies, nope they killed me very fast. I'm trying to learn my timing for Royal Guard so I can kill Furies more consistently, they will ruin your day fast.
  13. Dante is style beast. I love it. SSS everywhere. He's so much fun, his move list is daunting and that's just with his starters.
  14. Yeah but the screen cap they used showcasing the differences is the spoiler.
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