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  1. splintersan

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Finished Sekiro. The final boss is incredible. Loved the game, it may be my second favorite FromSoft game behind Bloodborne. Now I'm going back to finish Celeste.
  2. splintersan

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    It's a really good looking game. My brother picked up it up cheap and loves playing it. I tried a few rounds and it's quite fun even though I'm trash at shooting games.
  3. splintersan

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Sekiro is kicking my ass and I'm having a blast playing it. A lot of salty people out there shitting all over the game. It's tough, I'd equate it to Ninja Gaiden Black. I feel bad for all the early reviewers/streamers who don't have an easy mode to play on so they can rush the game and get their views. I struggled a lot in the first 5-7 hours trying to get Souls and Bloodborne combat out of my system. You can't play it the same way even though you want to.
  4. splintersan

    Borderlands 3 Reveal (More on April 2019)

    That was an embarrassing presentation. So much time spent on the "4K remaster of BL 1/2/prequel" that no one really cared about, then a card game that no one cared about followed by an awful magic trick that involved counting to 50....twice.... to the fact that they didn't do a dry run, couldn't get the 4K video to play with out stuttering frame rate, they played through the BL3 trailer at the bad frame rate, then Randy started being a dick to the PAX people saying they were shit at their job (he got booed for this from the crowd) then finally after like 4 false starts they played the BL3 trailer at the correct frame rate. The game looks fun, I just fear they will have lots and lots of loot boxes here that are "pay real money for a chance at the actual good weapons"
  5. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    I beat the game over the weekend. I really loved it. I then farmed 11 million orbs to unlock all the skills (I'm not kidding here, there is a taunt for each character that costs 3 million orbs). Funny thing is that it only took me a few hours to get that many orbs. I then went through Human mode to get the remaining Secret Missions, Purple and Blue Orb Fragments. I did pretty well on my first time through the game I missed 3 secret missions, 3 purple orb and 4 blue orbs fragments. I am now going through Son of Sparda mode and I'm having a blast. I actually got my ass kicked on the first level with Dante, I was being way too cocky and thought I could just muscle my way through a group of enemies, nope they killed me very fast. I'm trying to learn my timing for Royal Guard so I can kill Furies more consistently, they will ruin your day fast.
  6. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    Dante is style beast. I love it. SSS everywhere. He's so much fun, his move list is daunting and that's just with his starters.
  7. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    Yeah but the screen cap they used showcasing the differences is the spoiler.
  8. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    That's a bit of a spoiler I would tag it as such. I haven't been that far but there is a similar scene with another character before that, I wonder if Sony censored that scene too. Also seems very strange that Sony would sensor that when they have a fucking mini game in one of the God of War games.
  9. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    I unfortunately had to work all weekend so I did not really get much time to play DMC5, I am 7 missions in and loving so far. V I was worried about but he fits right in personality wise and combat. His combat is strange but very satisfying. I feel like it doesn't always attack when I want it to but pretty quickly resolves itself. I actually obtained my first SSS in mission with V, while Nero I kept getting stuck at SS. The game looks and plays beautifully on PC. rock solid 60fps with everything on ultra. If you don't like depth of field, there is no in menu option for this but you can go into the .ini file and turn it off (it's actually called depthoffiled in the file, lol). Nero feels great, he's a bit heavier than his 4 version but that just makes him feel like a different character to Dante rather than a clone with tweaks. One thing I absolutely love is the fact that Itsuno actually gave us a training area, now I can go in and practice my EX-Max timing (which I'm terrible at), I can get EX-Act pretty regularly but I need to get my timing down for Max. So far it's everything I wanted out of it. Also Nico is awesome, I love her.
  10. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    I highly recommend playing through DMC4 even if you just want to put on easy to breeze through it. While the story is not great the combat is fantastic. I hated Nero when I first played DMC4 when it came out years ago but upon revisiting it a few months ago he grew on me and I really enjoyed his change in combat with Devil Bringer and Red Queen. I also enjoy his Devil Trigger which is more of a Stand as opposed to Dante/Vergils transformations. I would say try to do it before you tackle KH3 or DQXI as those are both long games. DMC4 can be completed in less than 10 hours. Plus it will introduce you to the new style switching Dante which makes him way more complicated than previous games.
  11. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    DMC5 review embargo has been lifted and it's getting great reviews. I'm ignoring all the spoilers but everything I've seen is very promising. Steam Pre--Load is live, download size is 30.5gb. I had intended on playing all Saturday but I do some subcontracting work for a friend once a month and I've been summoned on Saturday so I will be playing way too late on Friday evening and picking back up Saturday evening. I am extremely excited. I may go play some Bloody Palace on DMC4 tonight to warm up a little.
  12. splintersan

    What is the rarest Xbox/Playstation game you have?

    Very jealous of all of these. I sold many of them off years ago in the PS1 transition to PS2 era. Valkyrie Profile seems more rare than the rest but is almost always being sold on Ebay. Lunar 1/2 and Arc the Lad I see fairly often at retro game stores but they don't come cheap. All of those are worth a good amount of money. It's funny how some of these games while not rare are topping out in value, where it used to be the rarer the game the higher the value. I don't think I have very many rare games. Some that I'm very happy to still have in my collection are Secret of Mana, A Link to the Past, Turtles in Time, Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain, FFVII (original not greatest hits), Metal Gear Solid (OG), RE2 (OG), Street Fighter Anniversary (first time I got 3rd Strike on home console).
  13. splintersan

    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    I bought on impulse when it came out 2 years ago and I have been in love with my Switch ever since. It's an amazing console and it blows my mind I can play stuff like Mario Odysee, Breath of the Wild, Bayonetta 2 and Mario Kart 8 on a handheld. Although I did have to get a grip for playing in handheld, my hands would cramp and go numb in extended play sessions. The Skull Co Grip/case is excellent, my brother has this and he loves it. I went with the Satisfye grip and absolutely love it's asymmetrical design. It does take a little getting used to reaching for the R button but nothing too bothersome, although if you have small hands I would not recommend this grip.
  14. splintersan

    Devil May Cry 5 (PC/PS4/XBONE) [2019]

    The story is pure nonsense to me and I love it. I am curious where it all fits in. I'm pretty bummed about that Final Story trailer though, it kind of spoiled some stuff I didn't want to know going in even though I had suspicions of. And because I couldn't resist, I started Vergil playthrough on DMC3 over the weekend. He's a lot of fun. Although not having airhike makes getting some things a little more difficult especially since directions in the air can be difficult with Trick Up. Beowulf tends to give me issues at times, he's just such a damage sponge, evading some of his aoe attacks become an issue with Dante. With Vergil I wiped the floor with him. He's such a powerhouse. edit: I beat the game with Vergil last night. I thought I would breeze through the final form of Vergil (Vante?), I was cocky and got destroyed, I had to slow down and be more methodical about my attacks. After that I set off on my first adventure into the Bloody Palace. I made it to mid 7000's where I came upon 3 Hell Vanguards and they got me. I tried to brute force it and ended up getting teleport slashed into oblivion, seriously I got comboed by two of them with 5 hits. It took well over half of my health.
  15. splintersan

    What Games Are You Currently Playing?

    Any one around here play Monster Hunter World or Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate? I started Dragon Quest XI last night, it's been sitting in my pile of games to play for months. My brother bought it for me for Xmas. It seems pretty great, very traditional JRPG. I really look forward to getting deep into it. I'm trying to figure out how I should handle playing it because I will be dropping everything to play DMC5. I might just put it on the back burner or try to play at least once a week once I get DMC5.