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  1. splintersan

    The Twilight Zone in 1080p existence?

    I've never found it in 1080p but I know it's out there, or at least was when the bluray's released a few years ago. I grabbed them in 720p and they were ripped from the blu's. Unfortunately I lost them with a hard drive failure a year or two ago. I still have the first and third as I never deleted the folders after I transferred them from one drive to another but I don't have the others. At this point the budget bluray set is usually around $65 so I'll just pony up the money to have the full set on blu eventually.
  2. splintersan

    Hi I'm from C-W forums

    C-W member here, just joined today. Hoping to see some familiar faces and new ones. As well as get my AT & RS fix.