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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

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    • By lvpher
      Since the anime is about to come to an end I'm curious what were your favorite moments? Mine was Itachi vs Sasuke.
    • By Captain_Aizen13
      For those who remember Rock Lee's first goal as a genin, he was training and preparing to beat his own team mate Neji, since it was believed that Neji was the best and most talented of any genin. Of course Rock Lee never got to meet Neji in battle, but based upon his performance against Gaara, do you think Rock Lee could have taken Neji if they had fought right then in the chunin prelims. Please discuss.
    • By silent_swords
      Hey there everyone


      i am new to this site and have to make and into apparently or something like that . all you need to know is that i love anime lol and i am hoping to talk about it with you all.