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Found 4 results

  1. Captain_Aizen13

    Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden

    For those who remember Rock Lee's first goal as a genin, he was training and preparing to beat his own team mate Neji, since it was believed that Neji was the best and most talented of any genin. Of course Rock Lee never got to meet Neji in battle, but based upon his performance against Gaara, do you think Rock Lee could have taken Neji if they had fought right then in the chunin prelims. Please discuss.
  2. Hello, everybody. I'm new to the forum. Some people recommended to me a lot. I'd like to ask in which section I can post my doubts about captioning. I do some translations into Spanish and sometimes I don't understand certain words. Thanks!!
  3. So I have a quick question before I go breaking forum rules.... what is the correct size and format to post images of art work in the art section? I am tattoo artist and visual artist by trade and would like to post a few things... thought I'd ask before I go and make myself into a "rule breaker" before I can even edit my sig and whatnot-LoL
  4. I have a question about this new Code Geass project. I've heard of the setting and the plot but I am very confused... is it an anime series or a manga series because to me it sounds like there making both but from two different perspectives. Does anyone know? And also does anyone know when its coming out? And also (I know alot of questions) does anyone know when those other ova's or picture dramas are coming out? The Nunnally in Wonderland, the Miraculous Birthday, and the akito no exile (I think thats what it is called) is coming out? I heard July 26th. And confirmations on that?