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  1. Spies in disguise it was fun to watch
  2. Demon slayer 9/10 Fire force 8/10 Dr Stone 8/10 these i completed recently
  3. I have watched almost anything of the tv series and movies
  4. I always watch it on a samsung uhd 50inch tv or the surface pro
  5. Dragon Ball z was my first
  6. My favorite gundam series are 00 and iron blooded orphans
  7. I grew up with teenage mutant ninja turtles and transformers
  8. Food wars is very enjoyable but the seasons are a little bit short
  9. I like boruto but there are so much fillers
  10. A anime with epic fights and strong sibling bond. I really like this anime
  11. mol88

    One Piece

    This arc is gonna be awesome!
  12. mol88

    Black Clover

    Black Clover is a good anime to watch I really like action anime with a lot of fighting
  13. mol88


    Hi i realy like anime
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