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  1. Incorrect. it does not get added to your permanent steam library
  2. noot noot, pingu supportu
  3. and what did mb say was the risk? norton just says it has no "reputation". well obviously. this is why norton is so awful, anything it doesn't know gets booted
  4. kek it's safe though. I'd be more worried about norton
  5. Cryptic

    Status Quo

    before all this, I wasn't all that active. the majority of my posts were release threads and replies to them, and mirror posts. to me, anime is one of those things you discuss in an IM. I dunno why exactly, but I'm hardly active on the MAL forums as well buut, this doesn't mean I'm not coming back. I did originally come for the downloads, and have since stayed for the community (more so on the IRC/discord side). I just probably won't post much here overall, good job working everything out. coming back from a dmca isn't easy. hope it's smooth sailing now
  6. normally a 32in (or is it 34... can't remember now) TV or 25in pc screen. I don't understand how people can watch stuff on mobile. that shit is way too small to watch something on
  7. is it just me or did the forum font change

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    2. Scyrous


      im tripping balls here

    3. Koby


      It's set to System Fonts, so the font changes depending on whatever OS you're using to be more natural.

    4. Koby


      Ehren (Theme Designer): The system font is the native font of the device. For Mac and iOS, it's called San Francisco. For Windows, it varies depending on the version. Using system fonts just helps to maintain consistency between your site and the OS you're using. They also load faster than web fonts since they're stored locally.


      Basically the software developers started doing it, so he followed suit. Think of it as a sort of Web 3.0 thing. Sites are beginning to code things to display differently depending on OS too, not just screen resolution (responsiveness).

  8. awesome. hopefully this series will be more story driven and less filler
  9. same, but often times it'll seem like it's done, but 10 years later there's suddenly another season out of nowhere
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/96000/The_Tiny_Bang_Story/ free until tomorrow
  11. Update: I think adding on eBooks would be a good idea as well. At first I only had my mind set on audiobooks, but there's a lot of good books that don't have an audiobook version. Hopefully more people would be willing to get behind this with both in mind.
  12. Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in an audiobook section? I recently got into them after getting a job that allows me to listen to stuff while I work. So I've been hoarding a bunch of em. I'd be willing to post often to keep the section alive. Thoughts?
  13. #TeamDiabetesTwix

  14. https://store.steampowered.com/app/696370/BROKE_PROTOCOL_Online_City_RPG/ free for a limited time
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