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  1. Cryptic

    Video rip from Abema.tv? Any ideas?

    my private parts have been checked all seems good
  2. Cryptic

    Currently Airing vs Finished Airing

    same, but often times it'll seem like it's done, but 10 years later there's suddenly another season out of nowhere
  3. New Release! -Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou-
  4. Cryptic

    Free Games Megathread

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/96000/The_Tiny_Bang_Story/ free until tomorrow
  5. Cryptic

    An alert about Donations

    I used stripe. I actually didn't make sure it even went through. it led me back to the main site so I thought all was good. upon checking, it took 10 cents from me. no idea what happened I hope 10 cents will do the trick :^) honestly I kinda like the default theme. it wouldn't be too difficult to make a custom dark css theme for it. I already played around with a dark theme before on a different forum a couple months ago
  6. Cryptic

    An alert about Donations

    $5 sent the themes seem unnecessarily high. those may have to be cut if it comes to that point
  7. Cryptic

    eBook/Audiobook Section

    Update: I think adding on eBooks would be a good idea as well. At first I only had my mind set on audiobooks, but there's a lot of good books that don't have an audiobook version. Hopefully more people would be willing to get behind this with both in mind.
  8. it's a ghost, very spoopy there's requirements to see it, that's why you can't find it
  9. but the manga is different ree
  10. Out of curiosity, would anyone be interested in an audiobook section? I recently got into them after getting a job that allows me to listen to stuff while I work. So I've been hoarding a bunch of em. I'd be willing to post often to keep the section alive. Thoughts?
  11. eh I typically go for dark themes, but I got so tried of the default dark theme, and the other ones are ugly so this is my last option. I could custom css it but lazy
  12. #TeamDiabetesTwix

  13. Cryptic

    Free Games Megathread

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/696370/BROKE_PROTOCOL_Online_City_RPG/ free for a limited time