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Help With an Avermedia C127 capture card

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I own a Avermedia C127 (Game Broadcaster HD) and I've been having a few problems with it for a while now.


First off, when ever I try plugging something into the HDMI port (Like my WiiU or Xbox360) it displays a "No Signal" error, as if it weren't plugged in at all. Secondly, every time I try using the DVI input (the blue one),  with something like my N64 it displays an "Out of Range" error.


I'd really like to beable to record again without needing a new capture card, so any help would be appreciated.


Here are my computer specs just in case you need them: 


Windows 7 64x

ASRock Z77 Extreme 3

Intel i3 core Processor

Nividia Geforce 650ti

8G of RAM


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U might have set your system display to either AV or component that is why u not receive HDMI signal switch your display to HDMI output.


No, that's not the issue, In may of my tests I go from having the system plugged in to the TV to it being in the capture device, and I specifically set the capture to be HDMI.


If that's not what your talking about, I'd like you to clarify what you mean. 

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Did u test on your HDTV if it output hdmi signal? if so it should work with your capture device aswell if not then there something wrong with your device then

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ok, after endlessly messing with this thing. I have Recently learned that this thing just won't capture my Wii U, it records the 360 just fine, but my WiiU? nope.

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that suck have u ever thought that Wii U may have HDCP compliant and your capture card would not support it

I was thinking the same thing. Nope, I looked it up and it is completely HDCP free.   

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