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  1. OtakuSama

    Capture Software Suggestions

    I have test VirtualDub capture mode it dose not work on both device since they are Hauppauge
  2. I really hate when it almost reach to the end of this month to catch up all my homework and take the finals testing. I'm stressing out already.
    1. Ashven288


      Good luck on your finals, hopefully you're able to kill it.

  3. Recently moved back to my parents new place since my rent is kinda high for a single person to live in but issue is I have no shelf or any storage to keep my anime collection in my room.

    1. NeutralHatred


      A true otaku always finds a way.

  4. it would seem that santa has brought me a huge hall of anime bd and manga that I per-ordered. UPS is required me to sign inorder receive my goods. I never think they would send me all that much in either a single huge box or multiple boxes

    1. Etzimal


      UPS has never required me to sign for anything I've ordered...


      Just how much did you pre-order? O.o

  5. can someone confirm me if adc is down.

    1. Dervell


      It might be i cant reach the site and its been like this for two days.

    2. Salem


      Yup. Ain't working for me. Do they have a subreddit?

    3. Koby


      They posted in their IRC channel about it the other day. Dunno when it'll be back, but for now, both the site and the tracker itself are offline.

  6. I have the same problem too but i didn't use the funimation download but on the site it only load the sub only but not the dub for some reason. I probably think they are experience issue on their end loading that 2 episode. Just give it a few days for them to fix the issue I'm sure it will show up soon. Its the same on funimation now app still no dub for ep 517 and 518 .
  7. How annoying that my new isp keep force reset my router during recording on my pc then when i come back to check i get an error recording message stating tv signal was lost unable to continue record :anger:

    1. OtakuSama


      I don't have a dvr btw but it is annoying that some of my recorded show was lost in the process

    2. Etzimal
  8. Time to work on God Eater and might watch it to see whats the fuss about this series everyone keep bugging me about.

  9. God eater is coming early this week 

    1. Koby


      Too many projects, not enough time. hehe.

  10. My to do list working on The Asterisk War Part 2 and My Love Story!!

  11. OtakuSama

    Hard Drive issue

    I open my hardrive to see if anything is damage but doesn't seem there is no sign of damage to the platter plate and the head reader is at the resting place so that is a good sign but for some reason the head reader is not engaging to the platter plate is it possible to fixed the head reader part?
  12. OtakuSama

    Hard Drive issue

    connect though my usb 3.0 port on my computer that how.... but that is not the point the issue is i can't access my hard drive and it still making clicking sound
  13. OtakuSama

    Hard Drive issue

    My WD 3TB My Book Studio is making a clicking sound and is unable to connect my computer for some reason do i need to take it to a geek squad to fixed the problem?
  14. Anyone here plan to release Monster Musume - Everyday Life with Monster Girls OVA 1 English Sub with karaoke style opening and ending?

    1. Etzimal


      If a better translation pops up and still needs to be worked over, I probably will.


      I don't even like this show, but I've put so much work into it so far... Why? :/

  15. Hate having to make some huge sacrifice in my life. Cancel all my pre-order anime DVD, BD and sell some of my collection to pay my for my film tuition and theater course.

    1. Etzimal


      That's a shame :/


      I can't imagine having to sell off my collection

    2. i509VCB


      Remember to write down what you had so in the future you could get it back.