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I'll start from the very beginning


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Alright, I'm sure the majority of you do not know me, judging from my username, my name is Andy. I'm currently 15 and I would say that I started forum building at around 12 years old. The current admin Koby might slightly remember me as AznPanthera, Leotigeris, xAndyx, Unknown, AnimalPro1 (in the order from most recent to 3 years ago ;)) I knew Koby around 3 years ago from Clicdev Forums and also his own two sites which I believe were Forgotten Memories and Enlighten Resources I believe. I kept the forum managing for about the next year and a half when I lost interest all together and decided its best for me to be a part of a forum rather than the work of the admin. Anyways, I've always found the many different versions of FM to be fairly well active and has a healthy community. I pretty much barfed everything I knew so anyways, I hope to chat with you guys soon.


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TBH I don't really remember you though I do remember someone with the name Unknown. I do remember an Andy from Clic!dev but he went by Unknown Warrior..

and I was a bad kid back then and ran off a bunch of good friends to me.. including him. :'(

Andy, welcome to FM forums.

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