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  1. Haha. Once fallen - the old shall rise again!
  2. So this is my proper old account!! phwoar. I am back.
  3. Happy birthday ... like shade said.

  4. Happy B Day again

  5. Happy B day...

  6. DragonBall Kai Valkyria Chronicles Basquash & K-ON!
  7. Oh shit. Hope everything goes alright Koby. My thoughts are with you & your family. Pray that the lord (if there is an almighty power) is merciful towards you and your family. Just stay strong, no matter how hard it is. Stick together as a family and i'm sure everything will be alright.
  8. Not until after season 2 finishes. No idea when taht will be
  9. With actual realtime gameplay/battle footage. http://www.joystiq.com/2009/01/28/final-fantasy-xiii-countdown-ends-new-trailer-released/ Enjoy the awesomeness. The main character sounds hot! =D
  10. lol. Happy birthday Baby naruto.
  11. You'll probably have to pay to upgrade to Windows 7 (obviously). MSoft is a coporation at first. No way they're gonna lose 70% of sales because of giving free upgrades to Vista people. Regarding Windows 7, it was built ground up unlike Vista which was literally an upgrade from XP. IE; it has a totally new kernel, and hence is faster than what vista is whilst looks almost the same. Windows 7 is going to be one of the better products MS has released in a long time.
  12. I envy you for going to japan!
  13. man that's a massive bump..
  14. Please more elaboration on why the anime is good -__- Lol, it's a thread to suggest anime for other people to watch. =]
  15. For those who watch a lot of anime, what do you suggest to those who don't watch as much/ isn't exposed to as many anime as you? State what genre it is, name, and what you would rank it out of 10. To start the ball; Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Genre: Mecha/Sci-Fi - 10/10 - Comments - One of the best epic anime that you can watch. Deffinitely recommend you to watch it if you can. If not, get a friend to dl it for you! Not to be missed. - Links: Dub Macross Frontier - Genre: Mecha/Sci-Fi/Space Opera - 9/10 - Comments - Another awesome anime. if you love jap songs, you'll love Macross frontier. The integration of the music and the power of the Seiyuu (voice artists, who are actually the singers) it's just amazing. ALso awesome CG animation mixed with traditional anime style drawing. Deffinitely not to be missed for any Macross series fan. - Links: For a complete list of torrents Code Geass/ Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 - Genre: Mecha/Mystery/Train-wreck - 9/10 - Comments - 2 Seasons were made from this series. If i could describe it in one word - it'd be "Train wreck". Seriously, totally awesome anime, lots of twists and turns and prefer this over death note. Yagami Light is smart, but nothing compared to Lelouch who has the smarts, tactics and acting skills. Totally awesome. - Links: Dub Continue on with this trend!