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  1. Tht game looks pretty intense, awaiting for its release date
  2. Depends on which 10 year old kid you talk about I've seen a 7 year old kid play Counter Strike Zombie Mod, so I think he can stomach it D: And for the 3 consoles, If been mostly into Nintendo the whole time. Just because the console has games for kids, it doesn't mean that the entire system is. As Riku Kun said about RE4, It's beyond a kids game. Things such as Zelda may pass for Half/Half as its Twilight Princess storyline was at a much less "childish" mood if you would call it that.
  3. Has anyone played the game on GC or WII? My opinions on this game is very positive. If any of you have played any other games such as Ocarina of Time and etc, you would notice the vast difference between those games. The characters are virtually the same, or similar. **Spoiler (I think)** The link given is a small cutscene from the game. Although it was labeled as "Spoiler" I though find any part of it to be ANY sort of giveaway to the game. It shows how the creators of Zelda managed to bring this entirely new dramatic side of the Plot.
  4. Being honest, I pretty much skipped that entire generation. I went from NES, N64, to WII. I haven't played the GB version but I found the WII version very nicely made (control wise), I hate to think of moving my joystick to aim while a zombie is coming at me with a pitchfork (shaky hands ftl?)
  5. Alright, I'm sure the majority of you do not know me, judging from my username, my name is Andy. I'm currently 15 and I would say that I started forum building at around 12 years old. The current admin Koby might slightly remember me as AznPanthera, Leotigeris, xAndyx, Unknown, AnimalPro1 (in the order from most recent to 3 years ago ) I knew Koby around 3 years ago from Clicdev Forums and also his own two sites which I believe were Forgotten Memories and Enlighten Resources I believe. I kept the forum managing for about the next year and a half when I lost interest all together and decided its best for me to be a part of a forum rather than the work of the admin. Anyways, I've always found the many different versions of FM to be fairly well active and has a healthy community. I pretty much barfed everything I knew so anyways, I hope to chat with you guys soon. -Andy
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