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Spoiler BB Tag Altered. Horizontal Line BB Tag Added!


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I've changed the spoiler code to make it look better as well as how it's coded. Some complained the old didn't work on "this or that" lame and not used often browsers and stuff too.. So hopefully this one is more compatible.

Let me know what you think of it.

testing, 1.2.3 hehe.

Also added a horizontal line bb code so you can split your posts up or whatever. Good for guides, reviews, stories, etc. You can see it right above this ^^^

The code is:


Do not place anything in the brackets for it as it does not need or use it.

Another preview of the horizontal line. VVV

^^^ xD Enjoy.

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Thanks Koby they look good and i had problems with the old ones.

I use a old edition of Safari as my browser and I'd click on some of them and nothing would happen, So i usually have to switch to IE or Opera to see what was in them >_<

These new ones work fine in Safari so now i don't have to.



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