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  1. Where art thou Sicka be? Miss ya buddy.

  2. hi, nice work, im wondering if u updating the list anytime soon, so i dont have to surf thorugh all forums! thanks in advance! (cartoon and animation download index)

    1. NeutralHatred


      Sicka isn't very active on the site anymore. This request is unlikely.

  3. I noticed I've been uploading/mirroring some titles that you have uploaded before,
    I feel like your kouhai or something. 9_9

    1. NeutralHatred


      If only your senpai was more active.

  4. I was wondering if you still had the files for R.O.D. the series. I cannot seem to find it. Or if at the least you know of an active link for the dubbed version.

  5. any chance for a reupload of Eyeshield 21's dub? 


    1. Sicka


      I've added some Mega links to the topic  :)

  6. Just wanted to thank you for making and maintaining the cartoon index, really grateful for that. :)

  7. links dead and nothings coming up in Site search's , any custom dual audio BD rips out there ?  couldn't find anything from where i looked




    Cant Pm you.

  8. Does anyone have silverhawks complete series, superfriens collection, Tarzan, the lord of the jungle filmation, Warner Bros superman collection? Thank you.

  9. Yo! Please add this thread "BLEACH || 480P || 720P COMPLETE (DATTEBAYO, KAA, ELEMENT+BLAZER SOUL, FLOMP & SGKK SUBS)" to the list in Subbed anime section. 

  10. Hey, could you help me locate Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, Saiyuki Reload Gunlock, Saiyuki Requiem, & Saiyuki Gaiden, all Exiled-Destiny type quality & dual audio? Been looking everywhere but everything seems to lead to inactive dead ends or non-seeded torrents. >.<


    Asking you because I saw a few posts you had of them, but they were rather old and the links were dead. :(

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Rinji Shiroyuki

      Rinji Shiroyuki

      @Etzimal No problem. Lol :P


      @Koby Ah, that makes sense. And yeah, I was using an @live e-mail. It usually works, at least it did for other sites like Nyaa, etc. I'll try my Gmail then. Lol Just sucks 'cuz now it's saying my username is taken 'cuz of the pre-verification sign up, yet it tells me the account doesn't exist when I try to login or recover password (just something to acknowledge the account's existance). -.- I'm guessing the have a temporary hold on the username until it's verified with the @live e-mail that I provided. ...I just hope it's not a permanent hold and that it releases my username so I can re-sign up with my Gmail fairly quickly. Lol

  11. When will you work on Fairy Tail  2014 dual audio ? Im so very excited

  12. As the Moderator, is it possible to remove or deleted unwanted threads and posts, especially when requested? Here's what needs to be removed - 


    1. Koby


      Typically using the 'report' button on the post is the best method. Any staff with the ability to do something will be notified and see it in the Report Center.

  13. Hey Super Index God,


    I recently renamed my edit of the Dragon Ball series from Dragon Ball RF  to Dragon Ball Recut and I was hoping that maybe you could also fix that on the Dual-Audio index page the next time you update it?


    The reason I renamed it is because the newest DBZ movie was titled Resurrection F, or RF  for short, so you can see how that proved to be problematic for me.


    Anyway, I'd greatly appreciate that, thank you.

    1. Sicka


      Ok i've changed it. :)

    2. WhoIsTheMilkMan


      Thank you so much!

  14. How often do you update "Cartoon & Animation Downloads Index"?

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