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  1. There is a theme selector at the bottom of the site on the left.
  2. That does happen, but they also get intimate before they fight, so there's a whole bunch of nudity and hentai like stuff as well.
  3. Valkyrie Drive ~Mermaid~ is kind of silly and over the top, but not bad so far.
  4. Seems like the disable signature option in a post is gone now? I just noticed all the ones i had disabled are showing :/
  5. If you click in the search box in the section you want to search, a panel will open on the left then just change "all content" to "this forum" and it will search just that section.
  6. You need 500 posts before you can change it to whatever you want, though it's suppose to change automatically as you reach the following: Moppet - 0 Hedge Knight - 30 Rear Guard - 80 Vanguard - 130 Headhunter - 180 Ward of Justice - 250 Brave Companion - 350 Riskbreaker - 475 Paragon of Justice - 620 High Guardian - 750 Knight of the Round - 900 Order of Ambrosia - 1100 However since you joined before we converted to IPBoard it hasn't updated properly. I've set it back to default now, so it's changed to Rear Guard and it should update normally until you are able to change it, then it will be the box marked Member Title under My Settings.
  7. It's probably because you are still using the old forum address in your signature and download topic. The forum address was changed from http://forums.kametsu.com to http://kametsu.com recently, so you should change all the links to the new address.
  8. This is an old sig i made Theme: Green
  9. Apart from a couple of sequels (Hitsugi no Chaika and Psycho pass) nothing really sounds all that interesting yet :/
  10. 1) ParasiteEve 2) dn_angel 3) Emrys
  11. 1) firedogx10 2) dn_angel000 3) ParasiteEve
  12. Kodocha was dropped half way Funimation. Kodocha (Kodomo no Omocha) (102) Episodes 1-51 by Funimation [DVD]
  13. It was released in Japan on 18th of June with the English track included. http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VWBS-1529
  14. Kouhai Firedogx10 Gwapogi
  15. I don't see why not. I'm sure some uploaders here already use Import to account and remote upload features to avoid uploading directly, it's not really much different than that.
  16. ParasiteEve Firedogx10 Poetic
  17. On the brave skin to the left of the topic there is a kind of double speech bubble symbol if you have posted in the topic and on the Kametsu skin it's a small star.
  18. Welcome likesunraise, hope you find what you are looking for here.
  19. Welcome to Kametsu zeondx91
  20. Sicka

    Hi there!

    Hey DTJMan, welcome to Kametsu i hope you enjoy it here
  21. Sicka


    Welcome to Kametsu forums Dudecyril!!
  22. My votes: Firedog Nagisa Moodkiller
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