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The Return of the Jedi


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Okay drama queen.

I have my finals this week. Lol, bet they're easier than yours. Neener-neener.


try doin inverse matrices, Annuities/Annuities due, Linear Progamming and etc for maths

and then for finance working out things about the share market, options/warrant contracts, future contracts and many many more

Accounting- going through the steps of the accounting cycle including bank reconciliation, journal entries, Posting to general ledger, etc.

and then finally for Micro, working out all the demand curves/supply curves and how monopolies/oliogopolies/Monopsonies operate and their individual demand / supply curves.

haha, im hating uni atm. lmao.

and Napoleon Bonaparte,,, what was ur old user? lol.

if u were an older member,,~

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Wow I missed your thread.. sorry Kent. =P

It's really good to see one of the originals return! ^_^

Welcome back ol dude.. and well I need to try to get into a uni. =P

haha that's already Kobes. ^^

one of.. who else who was originally here has come bacK?

besides EO & Muj muj? lol.

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Wtf, people. First he hits on me, then Kent makes lewd suggestions?

Where has chivalry and politeness gone? This place is a miasma of vulgarity and rudeness! Very inappropriate for a lady such as myself.

Lady ... a very high assumption of yourself young girl. =]

And lewd suggestions..yes.. <_< im just stating the facts. =)

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