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  1. -PHXN- New001


    Welcome Stay active and awesome as always.
  2. Idk, we just need some quality posters... and alot more of them. We've struggled with this since FM has been up. I wish there was a good way to mass recruit.
  3. Heck Koga, that's not a bad idea. Plus it will get a little more attention to FM. Which is always a good thing.
  4. The site seems to be running a little slow too.
  5. Thats not a horrible idea, Starting afresh might just be easier. Then get some new recruits and what not. And no biggie Koby, everyone gets busy. I'll do some real recruiting once we get Kametsu, because then I know I can even get some people from school.
  6. -PHXN- New001


    Heyo, There is indeed a slump. But your sig and avy look sweet, so if you made it... welcome aboard the graphics team Even if not welcome aboard the FM team
  7. Glad to see the problem was resolved. Sadly enough I didn't even notice
  8. The Orphanage. Quality movie with a great ending.
  9. Welcome, Stay active and awesome as always
  10. We'll just keep this open until another battle needs voting for.
  11. Hey hey hey. Welcome back, stay cool and classy
  12. I agree. I think our banner is a little too busy. Its better off to go simple and crisp so it matches the skin, instead of chaotic and risk it looking amtuerish. Good critiquing L
  13. Ahh now thats what I like to hear. I'm not all that savvy on Celtic religions, besides what he had be taught in English. I have a main concept of them, meaning like they are the god of ___. I also know like which days where named after which god, but thats just about it. If you get some time, wanna go a little bit more into depth in your beliefs?
  14. Yea like said, theres a contrast in quality. You're good one are awesome. Even your poorer ones are above average. I like the quality though, keep it up
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