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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. *sigh* I dont really care what he looks like as long as its a kick ass game. Im from the uk btw, and emo isnt the new cool ¬_¬ Its looking into Dantes younger self, so maybe he was a druggie looking emo before he became the Dante that we all know and love. To not want to play the game just based on the way they have made him look is kinda stupid. Can you really be a 'fan' if thats the only reason you wont play it? Ill be playing it, so will my DMC fanatic brother and sister, who know every game inside and out. If the gameplay or the storyline suck, or it makes no sense, then ill have something bad to say about it. Otherwise im gonna give it a chance, and maybe learn something new about the very cool, kick ass, demon slaying Dante B]
  3. Arthain


    Welcome to Kametsu everyone! Enjoy posting!! ^__^
  4. Arthain


    Welcome to Kametsu! Enjoy posting ^__^ ~Arthain
  5. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Not a bad game =]
  6. Last couple of films ive watched were The Bounty Hunter It made me laugh and i like Gerard Butler so it was good =] The last Airbender I really enjoyed it =] It got me to finally watch the anime, so couldnt have been that bad lol. Think i prefer the anime though. The effects in the movie were really good and i REALLY wanted to watch the next one lol... but im liking the anime more =]
  7. Arthain

    Good day :D

    Hey! Welcome to Kametsu I know what you mean about Youtube ¬_¬ very tired of trying to watch just about anything on there xD lol. Welcome to the forums, and hope you have fun! =] ~Arthain
  8. Welcome to Kametsu Have fun! ~Arthain
  9. Welcome to Kametsu! Hope you have fun round the forums! ~Arthain
  10. Arthain


    Welcome back John!! =D
  11. Last thing i bought was a new DS =] I got the 25th Anniversary Red Mario Bros DSi =D
  12. Walking on Sunshine. Cant remember who sings it xD lol
  13. Arthain


    Ello Welcome to Kametsu. Have fun!! =]
  14. Demon Souls PS3. Dont like it xD lol
  15. Arthain


    Ello Welcome to Kametsu. Have fun!! =]
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